Quest: The Trail of Love

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You'll receive this quest when you loot Corin's skeleton near the entrance to the Blackmarsh (#1).


On Corin's skeleton you'll find a tattered letter, which will give you the Quest-Related codex entry for Bonnie's Angry Letter. When you read the letter, you'll determine that Corin set up some sort of puzzle for Bonnie to follow, but that when she refused, Corin killed himself -- and left the prize behind. That means you'll need to follow the clues yourself.

Corin's clues are described below:
  • Clue 1
    You are my hen, the mistress of my flock.
    You nourish my body, and tend to my... rooster.

    This clue refers to some hen houses (#2), where you'll find the next clue.

  • Clue 2
    Lost beneath the trees, he lifts a weary head and sees,
    Her burning love lights his way home.

    This clue refers to a lighted brazier (#3), where you'll find the next clue.

  • Clue 3
    With cold dead eyes,
    The dragon gazes on your prize.

    This clue refers to the dragon skull (#4). You'll find the next clue nearby in a crate.

  • Clue 4
    Across the waters from the baroness's nest,
    Find what you seek where the fishermen rest.

    This clue refers to a bench in the northeastern part of the marsh (#5), where you'll find the next clue.

  • Clue 5
    Look for the stones, they stand tall and true.
    The biggest has a present for you.

    This clue refers to the summoning circle (#6). You'll find the next clue at the base of the northern stone.

  • Clue 6
    This is the last, you're almost there.
    Remember the pond where we started our affair?

    This clue refers to one of the ponds in the marsh (#7). When you get to it, you'll discover a floating bottle, inside of which you'll find the ring Corin's Proposal. Looting this ring will complete the quest and earn you 500 xp.

1 - Corin's Skeleton

2 - Hen Houses

3 - Lighted Brazier

4 - Dragon Skull

5 - Bench

6 - Summoning Circle

7 - Pond




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