Overview: The Blackmarsh

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1 - Blood Lotus

Looting this plant will give you a Blood Lotus, which you might need for the quest Golem's Might.

2 - Skeleton

When you loot the skeleton, you'll trigger the quest The Trail of Love, and you'll receive the Quest-Related codex entry for Bonnie's Angry Letter.

3 - Dragon Bones

You'll find five Dragon Bones in the Blackmarsh. They're involved in the quest "The Lost Dragon Bones." When you insert all of the Dragon Bones into the dragon skull (#4), the nearby veil tear (#5) will disappear, allowing you to continue up the hill. At the top, you'll encounter the Queen of the Blackmarsh (see #23), and killing her will complete the quest and earn you 2000 xp.

4 - Dragon Skull

5 - Veil Tear

6 - Hidden Clues

These clues are involved in the quest The Trail of Love.

7 - Mabari Corpse

On the corpse you'll find some Catgut, which you'll need for the quest Heart of the Forest.

8 - Ancient Note

Hidden among the crates here (#8), you'll find an Ancient Note, which will give you the Quest-Related codex entry for Karsten Wilde's Last Testament, and also trigger the quest "The Burden of Guilt." From the note you'll learn that Wilde sold three women to the Baroness, and that he then killed himself out of remorse, but not before hiding the payment in the "deepest part of the marsh" (#8a). When you reach Wilde's hiding place, you'll discover a cache containing a Diamond, a Ruby, a Sapphire, and one sovereign. Looting this cache will complete the quest and earn you 500 xp.

9 - Town Records

In the shelf here you'll find some town records, which will give you the Books and Songs codex entry for Records of the Blackmarsh.

10 - Toy Horse

You'll find a Toy Horse here. It's a good gift for Oghren, but you shouldn't give it to him until he tells you that he'd like a pony.

11 - Courtyard Gate

This gate will only open during the battle with the Baroness (see the quest entry for Shadows of the Blackmarsh).

12 - Docks Gate

You'll get the key to this gate at the conclusion of the battle with the Baroness (see the quest entry for Shadows of the Blackmarsh).

13 - Veil Tears

You'll find three veil tears in the Blackmarsh. The first time you approach one, you'll receive the Creatures codex entry for Tears in the Veil, and you'll also trigger the quest "The Tears in the Veil." To fix the tears, you'll need to travel to the Blackmarsh Undying (which will happen after you've examined Kristoff's body at #18) and deactivate the veil tear apparatuses that you'll find there (which will involve defeating trios of desire demons).

Each time you deactivate a veil tear apparatus in the Blackmarsh Undying, you'll remove the tear from the Blackmarsh, which will allow you to access chests where the tears were. Inside the chests you'll find Boots of the Sentinel, Gauntlets of the Sentinel, a Helm of the Sentinel, a Diamond, and more.

14 - Rocks

In the pile of rocks here, you'll find Kristoff's Locket. Near the rocks, you'll encounter a "yellow" blighted werewolf that will drop a Mark of the Divine when it dies.

15 - Summoning Circle

In the middle of the summoning circle you'll find a ripped page, which will give you the Books and Songs codex entry for The Baroness's Secret. Later, after solving the runestone circle puzzle in the Blackmarsh Undying, you'll find a Gladiator's Belt here.

16 - Chest

Inside this chest you'll find Skullcrusher and a Greater Elixir of Grounding Recipe.

17 - Childer Grub Attack

At this spot you'll be attacked by a group of childer grubs, one of the new creatures in the expansion pack. If this is your first time facing them, then the attack will give you the Creatures codex entry for The Children.

18 - Kristoff's Body

You'll need to examine Kristoff's body for the quest Shadows of the Blackmarsh. However, when you do, you'll be transported to the Blackmarsh Undying (the Fade version of the Blackmarsh). When you eventually return, you'll find the First's corpse here, and from it you'll be able to loot The Mother's Chosen, Armor of the Sentinel, and more.

19 - Debris

Inside the debris you'll find an Ornate Silver Bowl.

20 - Chest

Inside this chest you'll find a Ring of Severity, a Dispel Grenade Recipe, a Dispel Poison Recipe, Misdirection Cloud Trap Plans, and more.

21 - Chest

Inside this chest you'll find a Diligence Rune Tracing, a Momentum Rune Tracing, a Grandmaster Slow Rune Tracing, a Paragon Slow Rune Tracing, and more.

22 - Decomposing Crate

If you're working on the quest Ser Alvard's Missing Sword, then inside this crate you'll find Ser Alvard's Sword.

23 - Queen of the Blackmarsh

The Queen of the Blackmarsh is some sort of electricity-based dragon. She'll do lots of electricity damage, so it's a good idea to pick up some Immunity Runes or Stormchaser gear before facing her. Also, during the battle, it's a good idea to keep your party spread out. That way her breath attacks will only hit one character at a time.

Three times during the battle, the queen will retreat into an electrical cocoon and create some charged wisps around her. You'll be able to attack the queen during this phase, but any wisp that reaches her will heal her, and so it's a good idea to take down the wisps instead.

When the queen dies, you'll find Spellminder, a Toque of the Oblivious, a Rough-Hewn Pendant, the ring Earthbound, a Flawless Diamond, and more on her corpse.

24 - Dragonbone Rubble

Inside the pile of rubble, you'll find the Eldest Dragonbone. Picking it up will trigger the quest Worked to the Bone.

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