Quest: Oaths of Fealty
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You'll receive this quest the second time you speak with the private standing next to the entrance to the throne room at Vigil's Keep.


After triggering the quest, the next time you enter the throne room and speak with Seneschal Varel, he'll start up the ceremony that will introduce you to the lords of Amaranthine. Everything that happens during this ceremony and the following meet-and-greet is optional, so you can skip it if you wish, but if you do that then you'll miss out on a couple of quests.

Here's who you can talk to:
  • Lord Eddelbrek. He'll trigger the quest Defending the Land.

  • Bann Esmerelle. She'll update the quest Defending the Land, but only after you've spoken to Eddelbrek.

  • Ser Tamra. She'll give you the quest A Brewing Conspiracy, but only if you chose the "persuade" dialogue option during your introduction. If Tamara doesn't give you the quest, then you'll be able to get it from Anders (but only during the ceremony).

  • Lord Guy. He'll rail against Orlais, but only if you're playing an Orlesian warden. For this case you'll get to choose a punishment for him, including execution. As far as we can tell, this punishment won't really change anything.
When you're ready to end the ceremony, just talk to Seneschal Varel again.




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