Quest: The Righteous Path
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You'll receive this quest when you talk to Mistress Woolsey in the throne room of Vigil's Keep.


Woolsey will tell you that merchant caravans keep getting attacked on the Pilgrim's Path between Amaranthine and Denerim, and she'll recommend that you talk to a Merchants' Guild representative named Mervis in Amaranthine to learn more. Mervis (found in the city's market district) will echo Woolsey's words, only he'll add that the attacks on the caravans have been particularly brutal, with guards literally being torn limb from limb, and that he suspects that the darkspawn are behind it.

To get to the bottom of the matter, you'll need to travel to the Wending Wood (which will appear on your world map after talking to Mervis). As you explore the wood, you'll learn that while the darkspawn haven't been actively attacking the caravans, they have been causing mischief in the area, and that they've taken over the local Silverite Mine as their base of operations.

Inside the Silverite Mine, you'll be captured by the Architect, and he'll confiscate all of your equipment. To escape, you'll need to fight your way out of the mine, killing four experimental subjects along the way. Each subject will drop the equipment worn by you or one of your companions. Then near the end, you'll find a chest containing all of your inventory items, and so you should end up just as you started.

Note: Unfortunately, the capture sequence in the Silverite Mine is buggy, and it's possible that you might lose some of your equipment for good. Please read the overview page for the mine for ways to avoid this.

At the end of the mine you'll encounter two "red" dragon thralls. The thralls are nasty but not too nasty, and so you shouldn't have too much trouble with them as long as you concentrate on one at a time. Killing the thralls will complete the quest and net you 3500 xp, and you'll also find Shock Treatment, The Slippery Ferret's Gloves, and a Landsmeet Shield on their corpses.




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