Chanter's Board Quest: Out of Control

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You'll receive this quest from the chanter's board located next to the chantry in Amaranthine (#1).


For this quest you'll need to visit Ser Rylien inside the chantry. She'll ask you to "confront and question" -- that is, kill -- three apostate mages in the city. Here's where you'll find them:
  • Mumbling man. You'll first spot him in the northwestern corner of the city (#2), and then he'll make his way up onto the ramparts (#2a).

  • Muttering elf. He'll start out at the city gate (#3) and then head east (#3a).

  • Rambling elf. She'll move between two spots in the market district (#4 and #4a).
Each time you talk to one of these mages, you'll end up in battle, but the mages should go down quickly, especially if you have ways to disrupt them (like Shield Bash). Once you've killed all three mages, a "red" apostate mage will appear (#5), and you'll have to kill him, too.

After completing your cleansing of the city, when you return to the chanter next to the chanter's board (#1), she'll reward you with 20 sovereigns and 500 xp.

Note: Anders will disapprove of you accepting this quest.

1 - Chantry of Our Lady Redeemer

2 - Mumbling Man

3 - Muttering Elf

4 - Rambling Elf

5 - Apostate Mage




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