Quest: Awakening
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You'll automatically receive this quest at the conclusion of the darkspawn battle at Vigil's Keep.


Once you've gained control of Vigil's Keep, when you talk to your advisors in the throne room, they'll give you three quests:
After completing these quests, when you return to Seneschal Varel in the throne room, you'll learn that the darkspawn have assembled an army, and that they're marching on Amaranthine. You'll then have to choose three of your companions and rush off to the city's defense. However, when you get there, you'll learn that a second darkspawn army is headed for Vigil's Keep, and so you'll have to choose which location you want to defend:
After you've defended your location, you'll learn the location of the Mother, and this will trigger the quest Depths of Depravity. Completing this final quest will also complete the campaign.




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