Quest: Trading Troubles

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You'll receive this quest when you arrive at the Wending Wood.


For this quest you'll need to put a stop to the caravan attacks in the Wending Wood. You'll find plenty of scavengers as you explore the area, but you won't learn who's been attacking the caravans until you cross the bridge (#1). At that point you'll run into the elf Velanna, who will inform you that she'll keep slaughtering caravans until the merchants return her sister Seranni. "Consider this a warning." At the end of the conversation, you'll receive 750 xp.

When you reach the abandoned Dalish camp (#2), you'll receive 750 more xp, and you'll notice a Ferelden sword and some discarded Ferelden weaponry. They'll look as though they were "planted here on purpose." Later, you'll meet a militia survivor (#3), and you'll gain another 750 xp. The survivor will inform you that the darkspawn framed the merchants, and that they're the ones who kidnapped (or worse) Velanna's sister.

At the end of your conversation with the survivor, he'll die (regardless of what you do), and a group of darkspawn, led by a "yellow" hurlock alpha and a "yellow" Hurlock emissary, will ambush you to keep their secret safe. After the battle, you'll find an Elven Trinket on the body of the emissary.

As you head north after the encounter, you'll run into Velanna again, and she won't be happy to see that you're still in the area. In fact, she won't want to hear anything that you might want to say, and she'll summon two "yellow" wild sylvans and several enraged wolves to attack you. Then she'll run off.

You'll finally catch up to Velanna back at the Dalish camp (#2). When you talk to her there, you'll be given three options for how to deal with her. You can attack her (and kill her), you can allow her leave, or you can offer to help her look for her sister, in which case she'll join you as a companion (and force her way into your party).

Regardless, when you return to Mervis (in the Amaranthine market district) to tell him that his caravans are now safe, he'll reward you with 20 (or 30) sovereigns and 1500 xp. You can also refuse the reward if you want. If Velanna is with you when you explain what happened to the caravans, and if you keep her name out of it, then you'll gain approval with her. Otherwise, you'll lose approval with her.

1 - Bridge

2 - Abandoned Dalish Camp

3 - Militia Survivor




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