Commander Quest: A Daughter Ransomed

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You'll receive this "letter for the commander" quest from the private standing next to the entrance to the throne room at Vigil's Keep.


You'll learn from the letter that Ser Edgar Bensley's daughter Eileen was kidnapped by Mosley the Snake and his band of miscreants, and that Bensley would like you to pay the 30-sovereign ransom. You'll find Mosley and his gang at the Forlorn Cove located to the east of Vigil's Keep (#1). There are three ways to resolve the situation:
  • You can intimidate Mosley (causing half of his bandits to run off) and then attack him. During the confusion, the bandits will ignore Eileen, and she'll survive the encounter.

  • You can persuade Mosley to release Eileen, and then pay the ransom or attack the bandits. Either way, Eileen will survive the encounter.

  • For any other option you pick, Eileen will die and the bandits will attack you.
Regardless, you'll receive 500 xp when you conclude the encounter with the bandits, and, if you killed Mosley, then you'll find the dagger Tooth of the Mountain-Father on his corpse.

Later, when you return to Vigil's Keep, the private will have a new letter from Bensley for you. This will trigger the (very short) quest "Bensley's Gratitude." Bensley will reward you with 500 xp no matter what happened with his daughter, but if Eileen survived, then he'll also pay you 10 sovereigns. If Eileen died, then you'll only receive 5 sovereigns.

1 - Mosley and Eileen

  1. World exit.




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