Blight Orphans Quest: Moonshine for the Children

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You'll receive this quest from the Blight Orphans notice board in the Crown and Lion inn in Amaranthine (#1). It will only appear after you've completed the first Blight Orphans quest.


For this quest you'll need to acquire some Moonshine from a "stuped whoring basterd" named Hubert. You'll find Hubert's Den located right next to Octham the Grocer in Amaranthine's market district (#2). When you go inside, three moonshiners will attack you, but the battle should not be difficult to win. Afterwards, you'll find the Moonshine in a crate of moonshine. You'll also find "Dragon Piss" in one of the crates.

When you donate the Moonshine to the Blight Orphans (via the "Blight Orfans Donashun Box" located next to the notice board in the Crown and Lion), you won't receive a reward, but completing this quest will lead to other quests from the Blight Orphans.

1 - The Crown and Lion

2 - Hubert's Den




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