Quest: Bombs Away!
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You'll receive this quest from Dworkin Glavonak in the Vigil's Keep courtyard, but only after you've completed a main section of the campaign.


Dworkin will tell you that he needs Lyrium Sand to get the proper "boom" out of his explosives. There are four places where you can find Lyrium Sand:
The first time you give Dworkin some Lyrium Sand, you'll have to choose how careful he should be with it. If you tell him "your brother is right," then he'll produce Dworkin's "Safe" Explosives. If you tell him "do what you will," then he'll produce Dworkin the Mad's Explosives. And if you tell him "push yourselves hard," then he'll produce Dworkin's High Explosives.

Each time you give Dworkin some Lyrium Sand, he'll give you an explosive in return, and you'll also receive 250 xp. Then at the conclusion of the quest, you'll receive an additional 750 xp.




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