Quest: Last Wishes

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You'll receive this quest from a dying soldier named Keenan in the Silverite Mine (#1).


Keenan will tell you that a darkspawn carrying a huge maul crushed his legs and stole his wedding ring. He'll then ask you to kill this darkspawn and deliver the stolen ring to his wife Nida in Amaranthine. At the end of the conversation, Keenan will die.

You'll find the darkspawn -- a hurlock dragon-tamer -- in the dragonling pens to the east (#2). The dragon-tamer will have a drake and some dragonlings with it, but the fight should not be overly difficult for your party. Afterwards, when you loot the bodies, you'll find Keenan's Wedding Ring (plus the maul Leg-Crusher) on the corpse of the dragon-tamer. When you deliver the ring to Nida (upstairs in the Crown and Lion), you'll receive 500 xp for your efforts.

1 - Keenan

2 - Dragonling Pens




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