Quest: Worked to the Bone
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You'll receive this quest when you loot the Eldest Dragonbone from the dragonbone rubble in the northwestern corner of the Blackmarsh.


When you show the dragonbone to Master Wade in the Vigil's Keep courtyard, he'll offer to craft you a "blade unparalleled" -- but only if you can locate some additional items for him (these items are summarized in the Quest-Related codex entry for Materials for Working with Dragonbone):
When you bring the materials to Master Wade, he'll ask you some questions about the weapon he's planning to craft, including its type:
  • Longsword
  • Greatsword
What kind of balance it should have:
  • "Flexible and nimble": +6 attack, +5 cold damage
  • "Raw power": +1.5 armor penetration, +5 fire damage
And what kind of Formari-enchanted materials it should use:
  • "Sharp": +3% melee critical chance, +15% critical/backstab damage
  • "Defense": +6 defense, +10% chance to dodge attacks
  • "Effortless": +0.5 stamina regeneration in combat, +50 stamina
  • "What you think best": +3 to all attributes
At the end of the conversation, Master Wade will create your specialized version of the sword Vigilance, and you'll also receive 250 xp.




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