Blight Orphans Quest: The Blight Orphans?
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You'll receive this quest from the "blight orfans notis bord" located just inside the Crown and Lion inn in Amaranthine.


For this quest you'll just need to donate 50 silvers to the "donashun tin" sitting next to the notice board. You won't receive a reward for this donation, but completing the quest will open up other quests from the Blight Orphans, which you'll see on the notice board the next time you enter the Crown and Lion.

Note: Eventually (if not right away) you should realize that the Blight Orphans quests are a scam, since most of them involve money and / or alcohol. You won't get a reward for completing any of the Blight Orphans quests, but they'll generate an entry in the epilogue of the game, and everything will turn out well in the end.




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