Commander Quest: Salvage Operation
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You'll receive this "letter for the commander" quest from the private standing next to the entrance to the throne room at Vigil's Keep. The quest won't be available right away. Typically, it will only show up after you've visited Amaranthine.


You'll learn from the letter that a supply ship crashed at Anselm's Reef, and that while your soldiers were able to rescue the crew, the supplies were left behind. When you arrive at Anselm's Reef to look into the matter, you'll be attacked by five scavengers, including a "yellow" blood mage. Obviously, you should take down the blood mage first and then mop up the rest.

Afterwards, between the dead scavengers and the crates on the beach, you should find 14 Salvaged Trade Goods, which you'll be able to sell for 28 sovereigns.




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