Commander Quest: Far Afield

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You'll receive this "letter for the commander" quest from the private standing next to the entrance to the throne room at Vigil's Keep.


You'll learn from the letter that Goodwife Valena Turnoble is having trouble with darkspawn raiding her estate, and she'll ask you to help. However, when you arrive at the Turnoble Estate (located to the west of Vigil's Keep), you'll discover that you're too late. You'll find plenty of darkspawn wandering around (including a "yellow" ogre), but of the Turnobles and their allies, you'll only find corpses (at #1 and #2). To complete the quest and earn 500 xp, you'll just need to kill all of the darkspawn.

1 - Goodwife Turnoble's Corpse

On Goodwife Turnoble's corpse, you'll find a Chasind Arm, a Diamond, and 13 sovereigns.

2 - Templar Corpse

On the templar corpse, you'll find Stormchaser Boots.

  1. World exit.




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