Blight Orphans Quest: A Present for Melisse

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You'll receive this quest from the Blight Orphans notice board in the Crown and Lion inn in Amaranthine (#1). It will only appear after you've completed the first four Blight Orphans quests.


Your objective for this quest is to try and scare off a "crazy harpy" named Melisse. To do this, you'll need to plant a Scarecrow with a Kitchen Knife in the front yard of her house (#2). You'll find the Scarecrow in one of the fields south of the city (#3). You'll find the Kitchen Knife in the kitchen of the Crown and Lion. Once you've picked up the two objects, you'll just need to use the "soft ground" outside of Melisse's house to plant them.

As with the other Blight Orphans quests, you won't receive a reward for completing this quest, but completing it will lead to another quest from the Blight Orphans.

Note: Oghren will approve of this quest.

1 - The Crown and Lion

2 - Melisse's House

3 - Scarecrow




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