Quest: The Prisoner
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You'll receive this quest the first time you leave the throne room at Vigil's Keep.


When you exit the throne room, the private next to the door will inform you that the Wardens captured a thief just before the darkspawn attack, and that it took four of them to subdue him. You'll find the thief in the dungeon. When you talk to him there, you'll discover that he's Rendon Howe's son Nathaniel, and that he was skulking around the keep trying to recover some of his family's possessions.

There are three ways that you can respond:
  • You can invoke the Right of Conscription, and turn Nathaniel into a Grey Warden. He'll then survive the Joining and become available as a companion.

  • You can allow Nathaniel to leave (with or without his loot). He'll then disappear for a while, but soon enough when you're traveling on the world map near Vigil's Keep, you'll run into him again, and he'll offer to join you.

  • You can order Nathaniel to be hanged. This will remove him from the game.
Nathaniel is a rogue, so unless you're playing a rogue yourself, it's a good idea to keep him around. You won't find another rogue for a while.




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