Dragon Age: Origins Equipment Database: Item Details
Category: Weapon
Type: Battleaxe
Material: White Steel (Tier 8)
Rune Slots: 3
Damage: 17.00
Critical Chance: 5.10%
Armor Penetration: 6.75
Strength Modifier: 1.10
Installation: Awakening
+0.5 Health Regeneration in Combat
+5 Damage
+10% Spell Resistance
+10 Attack
Requires: 42 Strength
The Avvar barbarian Stiksma, a giant of a man, wielded this axe against the Alamarri lowlanders. He felled thousands of lesser men, but one wide swing caught the trunk of a great tree. The tree fell and took Stiksma with it.
• City of Amaranthine - Purchased from Glassric the Weaponsmith
• Vigil's Keep (Deep Roads) - Found in hidden compartment after giving Golden Idol of Korth as an offering
• Vigil's Keep (Throne Room) - Given to you by Loghain on his way out of Ferelden