Waukeen's Promenade (AR0700)

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1 - Starting Point

This is where you'll start out after escaping from Irenicus' Dungeon. You'll see Irenicus here, but before you can do anything, he and Imoen will get arrested by the Cowled Wizards for "unsanctioned use of magical energy." At the end of the cut scene, every member of your party will earn 34,500 xp.

2 - Hes

Hes will sell you a variety of basic weapons, armor, potions, and ammunition.

3 - Galoomp the Bookkeeper

Galoomp will sell you protection scrolls and spell scrolls, plus a Scroll Case.

4 - Mithrest Inn

You might need to visit this inn for Keldorn's companion quest. Otherwise, it and the people inside aren't important for anything.

5 - Den of the Seven Vales

When you go upstairs in this inn, you'll meet the dwarf Mencar Pebblecrusher and his merry band of miscreants. Mencar will insult you and tell you to leave. If you take offense, then a fight will start up -- which might be a little rough for you early in the game. But if you manage to defeat Mencar and his friends, then you'll earn 28,000 xp, and you'll find a Cloak of Non-Detection: Whispers of Silence, a Cursed Berserking Sword +3, Full Plate Mail, a Ring of Invisibility: Sandthief's Ring, a Short Sword +1, Studded Leather Armor +1, a War Hammer +1, and more on their corpses.

6 - Temple of Ilmater

7 - Mira

Mira will sell you basic weapons and armor, plus Arrows +1, Bolts +1, and Bullets +1.

8 - Amnian Soldier / Giran

Outside the Circus Tent (Exit B), you'll meet an Amnian Soldier and a boy named Giran. The soldier will block you from entering the tent. He'll tell you that only an animal trainer (#9) has come out of it since the morning show started, including a few people sent in to investigate. But if you tell the soldier that you can handle yourself, then he'll move out of the way and let you enter.

Meanwhile, Giran will tell you that his mother went into the Circus Tent to see the show. You'll be able to rescue her when you go inside. See the Circus Tent page for more information.

9 - Fearghus

Fearghus the animal trainer will give you some hints about what you'll see inside the Circus Tent (Exit B). He'll tell you that "the tent got all wavy," and that the spectators started changing, "like their skin was melting." That is, you'll be dealing with illusions when you go there.

10 - Lord and Lady Ophal

The couple here will act awfully -- or maybe offally or ophally -- towards you. To gain revenge, you can pickpocket five Potions of Extra Healing from Lord Ophal.

11 - Jerlia the Ore Merchant

During the day, you'll meet Jerlia the ore merchant here. She's involved in the Sir Sarles quest from the Temple District.

12 - Quataris

Quataris is a seller of paintings, but you won't be able to buy anything from him. He's not involved in any quests.

13 - Maheer the Storekeep

During the day, you'll meet a storekeep / weaponsmith here, who will introduce himself as Maheer yn Kadar el Saddith. He'll sell you a variety of weapons, including a Quarterstaff +1, a Sling +1, and a Spear +1. He'll also have +1 and +2 ammunition in stock. Moreover, if you ask Maheer about special weapons, then he'll reveal that he makes horns. This will become relevant once you've picked up the Silver Horn of Valhalla (found in the Bridge District). The storekeep will be able to upgrade it:

14 - Cernd's Former Home

This home is involved in Cernd's companion quest.

15 - Adventurer's Mart

You'll meet several people inside this shop, but only three of them are important:

16 - Enge's Shop

Inside this shop, Enge will sell you basic weapons and armor, plus a Large Shield +1.

17 - Arnolinus and Perter's Shop

Inside this shop, you'll meet Arnolinus and Perter. Arnolinus will have armor for sale, including +1 and +2 shields. Perter will have bows and ammunition for sale, including magical ammunition.

18 - Fennecia's House

Fennecia is involved in Cernd's companion quest.

19 - Storekeep

The storekeep here will have basic weapons, ammunition, and armor for sale. He'll also have some +1 ammunition.

20 - Belmin Gergas

When you talk to Belmin, you'll learn that he isn't a fan of elves. If you have any elves or half-elves in your party, then he'll yell at them, but if you have Viconia with you, then he'll get so mad that he'll attack her -- and probably die pretty quickly. Unfortunately, killing Belmin will cause any nearby Amnian soldiers to turn hostile, and killing them will cost you some Reputation.

21 - Radeel

If Minsc is in your party, then Radeel will tell you that he's looking for Calimshan, and Minsc (presumably with Boo's help) will give him directions for how to get there. This will cause Radeel to leave. Otherwise, Radeel will just complain about the quality of the market.

22 - Jayes

At night you'll meet the halfling merchant Jayes here. He'll have a variety of equipment and spell scrolls available, including Biter +2 (if imported from Siege of Dragonspear), a Mage Robe of Cold Resistance, a Martial Staff +3, and a Scroll Case.

  1. Entrance to the Red Wizard Enclave (EE). You'll only be allowed to enter this establishment during Neera's companion quest.
  2. Entrance to the Circus Tent.
  3. Map exit. You'll only be allowed to go to the Slums District the first time you exit the map.