Graveyard Lower Tombs - Bodhi Confrontation 2 (AR0809)

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Note: This is a walkthrough for the final confrontation with Bodhi during chapter six. You will have already explored these tombs earlier in the game when you battled Lassal, but there are many notable changes this time around.

1 - Bodhi Confrontation

You'll finally get to do battle with Bodhi here in her inner sanctum. She has several bodyguards (Vampires and Grimwarders) that you must deal with at the same time as her, although you still shouldn't have a whole lot of trouble with the room this late in the game. I put my two best melee types on Bodhi and used summoned creatures to tank most of her guards. My other four party members basically just helped keep more of the bodyguards occupied. This took out the guards rather quickly and left enough power on Bodhi to keep her from being too nasty.

When Bodhi finally falls, the party will gain 91,000 experience points. Coupled with the 29,500 experience points you'll receive from the undead that accompany her and the 4000 experience points you'll receive for purifying the pool of blood, at least one of your characters will most likely gain a level by the end of the fight. Unfortunately, there is no loot in the room, although there is some treasure to be had in the adjacent chambers.

2 - Bodhi's Coffin

This room contains the Bodhi's coffin - her final retreat after you defeated her at area #1. You must stake her to finish the deed, after which you will receieve 48,500 experience points and Bodhi's Black Heart. Additionally, a panel will open revealing the Rynn Lanthorn needed for the elves to return to their city, and your party will earn another 55,000 experience points for obtaining the item.

Before leaving the room, search the altar below the coffin to find the Cutthroat +4 short sword and scrolls of Symbol: Fear and Abi Dalzim's Horrid Wilting.

3 - Vampirism Books

This small room contains three different books about vampirism - Conjur Ota Servanta, Dea Vampir Becomos, and The Vampiricus Omnibus: Unabrid. If you are currently involved in a romance with an NPC and they have been bitten, take The Vampiricus Omnibus: Unabrid, Bodhi's Black Heart, and your now dead Vampire lover to the Temple of Oghma. This should eventually point you to the Shade Lord's Dungeon (see our Temple Ruins 2 walkthrough, area #7) to reverse the vampirism.