Temple Ruins 2 (AR1401) [Legacy Page]

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1 - Bones of Amauna

You'll find the Bones of Amauna in a tomb here. You'll need them to get the Dawn's Light Symbol at area #6.

2 - Mazzy

After defeating the Shadow Jailor here, you can open the cell to free Mazzy, a halfling fighter. She'll join you if you'd like, but either way it will open up an area on your map for Trademeet.

3 - Sun Ray Symbol

Here you'll find a statue that will quiz you on the proper rituals of the god Amunator. The answers to his tests are as follows: Morning Ritual - 2, 3, 1; Noontide Ritual - 3, 1, 1; Evening Ritual - 1, 3, 2. After completing the tests, you'll receive the Sun Ray Symbol.

4 - Sun Gem

On the pillar in this room, you can grab the Sun Gem, which is needed to get past the door to area #5 and beyond.

5 - Lava Loot

There is a pool of lava in this room that will hurt any of your party that walk on it. You can find a Pearly White Ioun Stone and some Bolts of Lightning in the pool of lava, however, so it's worth a little pain to stand on it.

6 - Shadow Dragon Wardstone

Hand over the Bones of Amauna from area #1 to these ghosts and she will appear before you to hand you the Shadow Dragon Wardstone. The wardstone is needed to walk past the Shadow Dragon in Temple Ruins 3 unscathed (but you wanted to fight him, right?). You can grab some Sunstone Bullets +1 in her tomb, as well.

7 - Lightstone Symbol

You have to walk across this floor by stepping on the relative letters of the "master". One at a time, just spell out the name "Amunator" and you'll be good to go.

On the other side, you can grab another Sun Gem and a Sling +3: Dragonsbane in a statue, as well as deal with a Shadow to get the Lightstone Symbol. All three symbols (Sun Ray, Dawn's Light, and Lightstone) are required to continue to Temple Ruins 3.

Later in the game, after returning from the Underdark and confronting Bodhi, your love interest gets bitten (if you're romancing one of them, anyway). You'll be forced to slay them, but if you take Bodhi's heart and the body in question and place them into the arms of the statue they will be resurrected and fully cured.