Temple Ruins 3 (AR1402) [Legacy Page]

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1 - Thaxll'ssillyia

Thaxll'ssillyia the Shadow Dragon awaits your party in this large room. If you received the Shadow Dragon Wardstone from Amauna in Temple Ruins 2, the dragon will not harm you unless you attack him first. If you don't want a fight, just run past him up the stairs to area #3 on the Temple Ruins 1 map, where you'll confront the Shade Lord. If you decide to attack the dragon (recommended), here are some things to remember:

- Memorize as many Magic Missiles as you can with every mage in the party and blast him with these first. Buy some scrolls of Magic Missile if you have to and use those as well. He has a high magic resistance, but if you're firing 4-5 missiles, he usually gets hit by a couple and the damage really adds up.

- Memorize plenty of monster summoning spells and cast them before the fight. You'll want to keep Thaxll'ssillyia busy so that you can get off all of those magic missiles. I did have a problem with the Shadow Dragon killing off some of my summoned monsters before the battle (without going aggro, he'd just kill them while blue... weird), but you can keep casting and get at least a couple to help out.

- Equip any dragon-enhanced items that you have (Dragon Helm, Dragonslayer, etc.). These will help immensely.

If you have fought Firkraag already, Thaxll'ssillyia shouldn't be too tough, especially if you're using Carsomyr +5 against him. Once you drop him, you'll find a Shadow Dragon scale (used to forge the Shadow Dragon Scale armor), a bunch of gems, and a scroll with instructions on how to forge the powerful artifact Crom Faeyr.