Forest of Tethir (AR2600)

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Note: To unlock this map area, you'll need to visit Small Teeth Pass.

1 - Cabin / Coran / Wolfwere Camp

Inside the cabin here (#1), you'll get attacked by seven mists -- including three Crimson Deaths -- but you'll earn 40,000 xp for defeating them. Then when you loot the cabin's containers, you'll find some magical ammunition and more.

Outside the cabin, you'll meet Coran, a companion from Baldur's Gate. No matter what you say to him, he'll tell you that his lady love, Safana -- another companion from Baldur's Gate -- was kidnapped by wolfweres, and he'll ask you to rescue her.

You'll find the wolfwere encampment near where you started out on the map (#1a). Coran will meet you there. However, Safana won't actually need rescuing. She'll quickly reveal that she was just using Coran to lure you into a trap. Meanwhile, the wolfweres, led by Lanfear, will be more interested in Coran.

This strange encounter will result in Safana getting killed, and you and Coran fighting the wolfweres. Coran will probably die pretty quickly, and you'll earn over 16,000 xp for winning the battle.

2 - Wyvern Battle

At this spot, you'll encounter a baby wyvern, a greater wyvern, and two wyvern cultists. You'll earn over 15,000 xp for defeating them.

3 - Cave

In the front part of this cave, you'll find the Mana Bow +4 inside a pool of water. In the back part of the cave, you'll get ambushed by two kuo-toan war bands, and you'll earn over 12,000 xp for defeating them.

  1. Exit to Suldanessellar. This exit won't appear until you've retrieved the Rhynn Lanthorn from Bodhi in her lair in the Graveyard District. See the Chapter 6 walkthrough page for more information.