City Gates (AR0020)

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1 - Flydian

At this spot, you'll meet Flydian, a messenger from Trademeet. He'll tell you that Trademeet is being attacked by forest animals, possibly sent by druids. He'll then ask you to meet with Lord Logan Coprith, the city's mayor and High Merchant, to learn more about what's going on. See the Trademeet page for more information.

2 - The Crooked Crane

When you first enter this inn, a man named Rilmi will excitedly tell you that Aulava and Tiiro are finally breaking up, and that such an outcome would be good for both of their families. However, if you try to pump Rilmi for more information, he'll just clam up and tell you not to meddle, and then he'll disappear. You'll find Aulava and Tiiro upstairs. You can encourage them to stay together or split up, but it won't make any difference. Either way, the couple will disappear, and you'll never see them again.

Also of note, you can detect a (locked) door behind one of the paintings on the main floor of the inn. If you go through this door, then you'll encounter a lich who will attack you on sight. Liches can be difficult opponents, so you might want to remember this encounter and come back to it later. When you're able to kill the lich, you'll earn 22,000 xp for the deed, and you'll find lots of stuff on his corpse and in the locked chest beside him: a Ring of Invisibility: Sandthief's Ring, a Rod of Terror, a Sunblade +2: Daystar, a Wand of Cloudkill, a Wand of Fire, and a Wand of Lightning.

  1. City gate. You'll need to visit this exit before you can travel to any of the locations outside Athkatla.
  2. Map exit.