Dragomir's Tomb (OH7000) [EE]

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When you meet Hexxat in the Copper Coronet in the Slums District, she'll sort of dreamily tell you that there's a "great treasure" hidden inside Dragomir's Tomb in the Graveyard District. If you agree to go there and search for the treasure, then she'll join you. You'll have to have Hexxat with you in order to enter the tomb.

To reach Dragomir's Tomb, you'll need to go to the tomb just to the east of the Graveyard District entrance. When you get close to it, Hexxat will offer to open it for you (even if you opened it earlier). However, when Hexxat approaches the tomb's door, you'll hear a "terrifying howl," and two thieves will appear. The thieves will command you to "open the tomb" and "enter the tomb" repeatedly until you kill them. You'll earn 4000 xp total for killing the thieves, and when they die, the door to the tomb will open.

Inside the tomb, Hexxat will detect a secret door. This door will take you to Dragomir's Tomb (Exit A). When you arrive, two more thieves will appear, and they, like their friends, will tell you to open and enter the tomb. They'll also order you to "awake the sleeper." Then the thieves will attack you, and you'll earn another 4000 xp for defeating them.

As you explore Dragomir's Tomb, you'll encounter shade wolves (worth 500 xp), shadow fiends (worth 2000 xp), and devil shades (worth 9000 xp). The devil shades can drain levels, so be sure you have Negative Plane Protection or Restoration available. You'll also have to watch out for traps, but Hexxat should be able to deal with those.

Eventually you'll find a sarcophagus (Exit B) that will take you to Burich the Unyielding (#4). If you keep telling Burich that you don't want to fight him, and ask him about his orders, then he'll tell you that he is guarding the tomb to prevent Dragomir from escaping, but that his long vigil can't end until Dragomir dies. He'll also mention that a woman once entered the tomb to kill Dragomir, but that she got "embraced" by him and is now sleeping. If you offer to succeed where the woman failed, then Burich will give you an Iron Rod. Otherwise, if you're less polite to Burich, then he'll attack you, and you'll find the Iron Rod on his corpse.

When you put the Iron Rod into the slot in the northern part of the tomb (#1), the entrance door (Exit A) will close and lock, sealing you inside, but a secret door to the south (#1a) will open, giving you access to the inner part of the tomb.

In the inner part of the tomb, you'll quickly run into to Dragomir the Red (#5). If you're polite to him and pretend to be an illusion, then he'll reveal some things to you -- like that Hexxat is the sleeper that Burich might have mentioned earlier, and not the person in your party -- but no matter what you say, eventually he'll attack you.

Dragomir is a vampire, but for all the buildup, he's not super powerful or anything. Still, if you have problems with him, then be sure to use Protection from Undead scroll from earlier in the tomb (#3). When Dragomir dies, you'll earn 11,000 xp, and you'll find the Cloak of Dragomir on his corpse.

Past Dragomir, you'll encounter a purple field of energy (#6). If you try to walk through it, then it'll just teleport you back -- except for Hexxat, whose "single-minded purpose" will allow her to pass through. When Hexxat crosses through the field, it will disappear, allowing you to continue on to the deepest part of the tomb.

At the end of the tomb, you'll come to a sarcophagus (#7). When you get close to it, the real Hexxat will appear, and she'll drain the blood from the fake Hexxat -- who you'll learn is actually named Clara -- and kill her. Hexxat will then talk about the "game" she's been playing for the last 200 years, and she'll invite you to meet with her in the Copper Coronet in two hours.

However, as you're making your way out of the tomb, you'll run into Hexxat again at the spot where Dragomir died (#5), and she'll demand to know where his cloak is. If you refuse to give it to her, then she'll attack you and probably die pretty quickly. But if you give Hexxat (a neutral-evil vampire thief) the cloak, then she'll become available as a companion, either now or at the Copper Coronet later, and after being in your party for a few seconds, she'll give you Dragomir's Respite, a special Bag of Holding with a casket stuck inside.

To leave the tomb, you'll just need to return to the entrance and remove the Iron Rod from the slot (#1). This will cause the exit door (Exit A) to open again. If Hexxat is in your party, then she'll get hit by a ray of sunshine when you approach the exit, but she'll survive because of the cloak (even if she's not wearing it). But outside during the day, Hexxat will need to be wearing the cloak, or else the sunshine will drain her health until she dies, which will force her into her casket for a while.

Note: You'll find lots of Incomplete Skeletons and Skulls inside Dragomir's Tomb. They're not useful for anything, so don't bother picking them up.

Another Note: If you return to Burich (#4) after killing Dragomir (#5), then you won't get any new dialogue or a reward. Instead, Burich will probably just turn hostile and attack you.

1 - Slot

When you interact with the slot here, you'll learn that a cylinder could fit into it. You'll find the cylinder -- an Iron Rod -- with Burich (#4).

2 - Sarcophagus

Inside this sarcophagus, you'll find a Dagger +2.

3 - Sarcophagus

Inside this sarcophagus, you'll find a scroll of Protection from Undead.

4 - Burich

5 - Dragomir the Red

6 - Purple Energy Field

7 - Hexxat's Sarcophagus

  1. Exit to the Graveyard District.
  2. Sarcophagus passage.