Copper Coronet (AR0406)

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1 - Korgan

Korgan will ask you to help him retrieve the Book of Kaza from a crypt in the Graveyard District. If you agree, then Korgan (a chaotic-evil dwarf berserker) will join your party. See Korgan's companion quest for more information about obtaining the book.

2 - Surly / Fighting Pit

Surly (#2) is the master of the fighting pit (#2a). If you pay him 10 gp, then he'll set up a fight between two dogs. If your dog wins, then you'll receive 20 gp. Otherwise, you'll lose your money. Some of your companions, like Jaheira and Minsc, will get mad at you if you partake in dog fighting.

3 - Amalas

When you get close enough to Amalas, he'll try to pick a fight with you. If you give the lout what he wants, then you'll face off against him in the fighting pit (#2a), and you'll earn 11,300 xp total for defeating him. If you decline Amalas' invitation, and if you have Minsc in your party, then Minsc will attack Amalas for insulting you, and you'll have to fight Amalas plus the two ruffians with him anyway. However, this latter fight won't take place in the pit, and you'll only earn 1852 xp for winning.

4 - Joluv

Joluv will sell you several unique items (mostly from Icewind Dale), including the Axe of Hrothgar +3, the Sling of Everard +5, and the Staff of Arundel +3.

Note: Joluv was introduced in the Collector's Edition version of the game, and was later made available in a free content patch. So if he's not in your game, you should be able to add him for free. Joluv is a part of the Enhanced Edition by default.

5 - Anomen

When you approach Anomen (a lawful-neutral fighter / cleric), he'll want to know if you're good and courageous. If you say that you are, then he'll offer to join you.

6 - Bouncers

Initially, these bouncers will block your way. To get past them, you'll need to talk to Lehtinan (#12).

7 - Nalia

When you get close enough to Nalia, she'll rush over to you and ask you for help. She'll tell you that her lands have been overrun, and that her family is in danger. If you agree to help, then Nalia (a chaotic-good mage / thief) will become available as a companion. See the de'Arnise Keep page for more information about her quest.

8 - Tiana

Tiana will ask you -- angrily -- if you've seen her husband Lord Rumar, who apparently visits the Coronet to be with his "cheap slattern" of a mistress. You'll meet Rumar upstairs (#16). If you tell Tiana where he is, then she'll charge up there and attack his "pumpkin" Priss, and either she or Priss will die. Rumar will end up happy either way. If you don't tell Tiana where Rumar is, then nothing will happen. You won't earn anything from this encounter no matter what you say.

Note: If Korgan (#1) is in your party, then he'll tell Tiana where Rumar is even if you're trying to protect him.

9 - Garoll

Garoll will inform you that Lehtinan (#12) provides all kinds of "entertainment" to those who can afford it. You don't need to bribe Garoll or buy him a drink to get him to talk.

10 - Lord Jierdan Firkraag

Lord Firkraag will offer you 10,000 gp to kill the "horrid ogres and trolls" who have invaded his lands in the Windspear Hills, but he won't force you to say yes or no to his offer. He'll just make his pitch to you and then leave the inn. For more information about Firkraag and his offer, please refer to the Windspear Hills page.

11 - Hexxat (EE)

When you get close enough to Hexxat, she'll start rambling on about a "great treasure" hidden inside Dragomir's Tomb in the Graveyard District. See the Dragomir's Tomb page for more information about this quest. Completing the quest will make Hexxat (a neutral-evil thief) available as a companion.

12 - Bar

You'll meet three people near the bar:
  • Bernard (wandering around). He's the innkeeper. He'll have a wide variety of weapons, armor, ammunition, spell scrolls and potions for sale, including a Light Crossbow of Speed +1: The Army Scythe, a Scroll Case, and a Sword of Flame +1. After Hendak takes over (see #21), Bernard will add a few nice weapons to his stock: Azuredge +3, Blade of Roses +3, Mauler's Arm +2, The Sleeper +2, Sling of Seeking +1, and Stonefire +3.

  • Lehtinan (behind the bar). He's the owner of the inn. If you indicate to him that you have money to spend, and if you ask him about the "other sorts of entertainment" that he has available, then he'll allow you to pass by the bouncers (#6). Later, if you free the slaves, then Hendak (#21) will kill Lehtinan and take his place here.

  • Salvanas (in front of the bar). He'll try to flirt (unsuccessfully) with you (if you're female) or any of your female companions. If he flirts with female Edwin, then Edwin will cast a Magic Missile at him, which will turn the entire inn hostile, so avoid Salvanas in that case.

13 - Unger Hilldark

Unger is an ore merchant. He's involved in the Sir Sarles quest from the Temple District.

14 - Yarin

Yarin is a retired thief. You'll find Gloves of Pickpocketing on the (trapped) table next to him.

15 - Llynis

Llynis is a part of Wellyn's quest from the Graveyard District.

16 - Rumar and Priss

You'll meet Lord Rumar and Priss here. Please refer to Tiana's entry (#8) for more information about them.

17 - Madam Nin

If you're interested, then Madam Nin will send a prostitute your way -- Cominda if you're male, Jenthan if you're female -- and you'll be able to sleep with them for 50 gp (which will function just like resting for the night). If you talk to the prostitute first, then you'll learn that they're a slave.

18 - Frankie

Frankie will tell you a bit about the fighting pits, including that the gladiators -- aka slaves -- are forced to fight exotic creatures for the amusement of the Coronet's clientele.

19 - Viewing Area

When you reach the viewing area for the first time, a fight will start up between a gladiator and a troll -- and the troll will win, easily.

20 - Restricted Area

When you enter this hallway, a Copper Coronet Guard will stop you and tell you that you've entered a restricted area. If you try to ask questions, or if you otherwise don't leave the area right away, then the guard will call for help and attack you. You'll have to face two melee guards and two spellcasting guards, plus the original guard, but you'll earn 6000 xp for defeating them.

21 - Hendak's Cell

When you get close enough to Hendak, he'll ask you to free him and the other slaves. To do this, you'll need to kill the Beastmaster (#23) for the Beastmaster Key, and use the key to open Hendak's cell. This will earn you 7500 xp. The slaves will then rush out and take on the guards and bouncers in the Coronet while Hendak heads for Lehtinan (#12). You can help in these battles or just watch them if you want.

When Hendak kills Lehtinan, you'll earn 48,750 xp, and Hendak will take over the Coronet. He'll then ask you to free the slaves in the Slaver Stockade on the eastern side of the Slums District (which you can reach via Exit B). Only freeing the girl in the cell with the two trolls is required. If you complete Hendak's quest, then Hendak will give you the Bastard Sword +1, +3 vs. Shapeshifters: Kondar, Plate Mail, and 3900 gp, and every character in your party will earn 38,000 xp.

22 - Winter Wolf

When you kill the Winter Wolf here, it will drop a Winter Wolf Pelt, which you'll be able to sell for 150 gp.

23 - Beastmaster and Tabitha

When you talk to the Beastmaster here, he'll demand that you leave. If you don't comply, or if you tell him that you've come to free the slaves, then he'll open up all of the nearby cages, releasing several creatures, and he'll attack you. For an easier time with this battle, you should leave most of your party near the fighting rings to the west, and only send your tank to talk to the Beastmaster. That way you'll (mostly) avoid being surrounded.

You'll earn around 8000 xp for winning the battle, and you'll find Plate Mail, a Tuigain Bow +1, and the Beastmaster Key on the Beastmaster's corpse. You'll need the key to free the slaves (at #21).

  1. Exits back to the Slums District.
  2. Exit to the Slums Sewers. You'll have to detect a secret door to reach this exit.