Bridge District (AR0500)

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The first time you approach Lieutenant Aegisfield (#1), he'll tell you that there have been several grisly murders in the district, and he'll ask you to hunt down the "disgustingly sick person" responsible. To do this, you'll need to collect some clues. There are four people you should talk to:
  • Rumpah (#6). He'll start out by claiming that he doesn't know anything, but then he'll try to sell you some evidence for 100 gp. If you keep saying that you can't afford his price, then he'll eventually give you the item -- Exotic Flesh -- for free, and he'll tell you that he found it next to one of the bodies.

  • Rose Bouquet (#12). She'll charge you 20 gp (or 40 gp if you insult her) to talk about the murders, and unlike Rumpah (#6) she won't change her mind. Rose will tell you that she smelled "guril berries or something like it" at the latest murder scene, and she'll suggest that you talk to Bel Dalemark to learn the source of the aroma.

  • Bel Dalemark (#13). After learning about guril berries from Rose (#12), Bel will give you three things that smell like them: Guril Berries (used for making remedies), Oak Berries (used for making leather), and Solik Berries (used for making pies). When you show these items to Rose, she'll identify Oak Berries as the right smell.

    After receiving the Exotic Flesh from Rumpah (#6), Bel will identify it as elephant hide, and he'll suggest that you talk to the tanner in this district (#16) or the animal trainer in Waukeen's Promenade for more information about it. The real lead is the tanner. Fearghus the animal trainer won't have anything useful to say about the hide. He'll just be happy he survived the Circus Tent.

  • Faraji (#22). To get him to talk, you'll either need to give him 2 gp or promise to give him 10 gp later (which won't actually cost you anything). Faraji will tell you that he saw the body of the latest victim, and that the witch Mrs. Cragmoon must have committed the crime. If you talk to Cragmoon (#25) about this accusation, then she'll admit to being a witch but deny being the murderer, and her story will sound more compelling than Faraji's.

    Note: If you tell Aegisfield (#1) that Cragmoon is a witch, then he'll inform the Cowled Wizards, and Cragmoon will get arrested and disappear from the game. Then at some point later, you'll get ambushed by Strachan Fireblade and his adventuring band in retaliation.
All of your evidence will point to Rejiek Hidesman, the tanner (#16). If you inform Aegisfield of your findings, then he'll leave to confront Rejiek -- and get himself killed for his trouble. So either way, you'll need to head over to the tanner shop yourself and talk to Rejiek. If you mention the Oak Berries and the Exotic Flesh, then he'll readily admit to being the murderer, and he'll dash down into his living quarters. This will earn you 23,250 xp.

When you follow Rejiek, he'll once again flee down to a deeper level. You should be careful when you pursue him, though, as there are five traps in his living quarters, including three on the floor. You might also notice several corpses -- more evidence of his crimes. Finally, you should take the time to loot all of the containers in the room. You'll find Human Flesh (on the non-container bed), the Tanner's Letter (in a trapped cabinet), and, if Aegisfield left to confront Rejiek, Aegisfield's corpse. You should grab all of these things.

Note: The Tanner's Letter will lead you to the merchant Fael in Umar Hills. He'll give you a way to upgrade the Human Flesh if you're feeling evil. See Fael's entry in Umar Hills for details about how to decipher the letter.

When you reach the bottom level of the tanner shop, you'll meet the wizard Vellin Dahn. He'll announce that "the work must go on," and he'll send some Rune Assassins and ghasts to attack you. While you're fighting them, Rejiek and Vellin will get away, but you'll earn over 10,000 xp for winning the fight.

To complete the quest, you'll need to inform the authorities:
  • If Aegisfield (#1) is still alive, then he's the one you should talk to. No matter what you say to him, you'll earn 45,000 xp and 500 gp for your efforts, but if you mention your proof as well, then you'll also earn a point of Reputation. After Aegisfield rewards you, he'll disappear from the game.

  • If Aegisfield is dead, then you'll need to take his body to Chief Inspector Brega in the Council of Six Building in the Government District. Brega will reward you with 45,000 xp, 500 gp, and a point of Reputation.
Note: Although Rejiek will get away at the end of this quest, you'll pick up his trail again in Trademeet.

1 - Lieutenant Aegisfield

Aegisfield is involved in the district's murder investigation. See the Overview text above for more information.

2 - Neera and Lanneth (EE)

After seeing the dead Shadow Thieves to the south (#3), the next time you enter the district, you'll witness the Red Wizard Lanneth attempting to kidnap a child named Mereth. But Neera (a companion from BGEE) will arrive just in the nick of time, and she'll thwart the Red Wizard's plans.

When you exit the district, you'll run into Neera, and she'll explain that Mereth is a fellow wild mage, and that she's set up a Hidden Refuge for wild mages in the Wild Forest -- to protect them from the Red Wizards, who for some reason are hunting them. She'll then ask you to meet her there. This encounter is a requirement for eventually recruiting Neera (a half-elf chaotic-neutral wild mage).

3 - Dead Shadow Thieves

The first time you approach this spot, you'll witness some peasants talking about the three dead Shadow Thieves lying on the ground here, and about the guild war currently going on.

4 - Balthis Estate

If you enter this estate, then Pip the butler will ask you to leave. If you don't, then he and the Amnian bodyguards with him will attack you, and Acton Balthis will attempt to flee. This is a good place to lose Reputation, but that's it. The estate isn't involved in any quests.

5 - House

Outside this house, you'll meet Reedle. He'll tell you a bit about the "nasty skinning business" plaguing the district, provided you ask him about his fish first. See the Overview text above for more information about the murders.

Inside the house, you'll find the Silver Horn of Valhalla (upstairs in a trapped chest). This horn can be upgraded (to the Bronze Horn of Valhalla and the Iron Horn of Valhalla) by the storekeep / weaponsmith in Waukeen's Promenade.

6 - Rumpah

Rumpah is involved in the district's murder investigation. See the Overview text above for more information.

7 - House

Inside this house, you'll find an Ankheg Shell in a locked and trapped cabinet. The boy living in the house won't mind if you take it. Cromwell (in the Docks District) can use such shells to craft Ankheg Plate Mail.

8 - House

Inside this house, you'll get attacked by Dracandros (mage), Falahar (fighter), Pitre (cleric), and Valeria (fighter). You'll earn 38,000 xp for defeating them, and you'll find Bracers of Defense AC 7 on their corpses. If you loot the containers in the house, then you'll also find some scrolls and gems, including a Star Sapphire.

9 - Stivan the Hunter

Around here you'll meet Stivan, a hunter of seagulls. If you have Aerie in your party, then you'll learn why Stivan picked his particular profession.

10 - Qadeel

When you approach this spot, you'll witness Qadeel overworking a pair of ogres. Eventually the ogres will get fed up with Qadeel, and they'll attack him. If you watch the ogres kill Qadeel, then you'll find 200 gp on his corpse afterwards. If you side with Qadeel and kill the ogres, then you'll earn nearly 6000 xp total, and Qadeel will reward you with 200 gp.

11 - Five Flagons Inn

You'll meet lots of named NPCs in this inn, but only two of them are important:
  • Samuel Thunderburp (main floor). He's the innkeeper, and he'll provide you with regular innkeeper services. If you have Mazzy in your party, then he'll give you Boots of Stealth: Worn Whispers. If you have Haer'Dalis in your party, then he'll give you a Diamond.

  • Raelis Shai (playhouse in the basement). After watching the aborted play in the basement (which you don't actually need to pay to see), you'll meet Raelis in the room behind the stage. She'll tell you that one of the troupe's actors, Haer'Dalis, has been kidnapped by a wizard named Mekrath, possibly because of a valuable gem, and she'll ask you to rescue him.

    You'll find Mekrath, Haer'Dalis, and the gem in Mekrath's Lair, which is attached to the Temple District Sewers. Haer'Dalis will start out ensorcelled by Mekrath. To free him, you'll either need to kill Mekrath or complete a quest for him (or both). This will make Haer'Dalis (a chaotic-neutral tiefling blade) available as a companion. After freeing Haer'Dalis, you'll be able to loot the Portal Gem from an altar on the eastern side of the lair.

    When you return to Raelis, she'll pay you 300 gp for rescuing Haer'Dalis, and you'll also earn 21,250 xp. As for the Portal Gem, if Haer'Dalis is in your party, or if you don't negotiate the price, then you'll receive 700 gp for it. If you negotiate, then you'll receive 1200 gp.

    When Raelis receives the gem, she'll begin opening a portal. While she's doing this, Haer'Dalis will reveal that the acting troupe is actually from Sigil, and that a play they performed there angered a certain Duke Darkwood, who has sent his minions in pursuit -- thus necessitating the theft of the Portal Gem from Mekrath.

    When the portal opens, some minor creatures will come through -- two quasits, a lesser fire elemental, and a shadow fiend (worth 8000 xp total) -- and then you'll encounter a bounty hunter. No matter what you say, the bounty hunter will capture Raelis, Haer'Dalis (even if he's in your party), and the rest of the acting troupe, and he'll take them through the portal to the Planar Prison.

    Inside the Planar Prison, you'll have to defeat some bounty hunters and the warden, but you'll be able to rescue the acting troupe from their cell in the back. This will earn each character in your party -- plus Haer'Dalis -- 44,000 xp. Please see the Planar Prison page for more information about what you can do there.

    Afterwards, Haer'Dalis will decide to stay with you, and so he'll continue being available as a companion. If you're playing a bard, then Raelis will give you the troupe's playhouse, which will become your Bard Stronghold.

12 - Rose Bouquet

Rose is involved in the district's murder investigation. See the Overview text above for more information.

13 - Bel Dalemark

Bel will have some basic equipment for sale, including Full Plate Mail. He's also involved in the district's murder investigation. See the Overview text above for more information.

14 - Estate of Saerk Farrahd

This estate is involved in Anomen's companion quest. If you go inside, then you'll get attacked by guards.

15 - Storekeep

The storekeep here will have a basic selection of weapons, armor and potions, plus a Gem Bag and Tangled Strings (if imported).

16 - Tanner Shop

Rejiek Hidesman the tanner is involved in the district's murder investigation. See the Overview text above for more information.

On the middle level of the shop, you'll find Human Flesh (on the non-container bed). It can be upgraded to Human Flesh +5 by Fael in the Umar Hills. On the bottom level of the shop, you'll find the Gesen Bow Shaft. It's one of the components needed for the Shortbow of Gesen, which can be crafted by Cromwell in the Docks District.

17 - Delosar's Inn

When you enter this inn (using the entrance to the middle level), you'll run into Captain Dennis and his Riatavin mercenaries. Dennis will hurl insults at you, but you should avoid fighting him. That's because Dennis is involved in the Limited Wish quest, and killing him will break the quest. Of course, the main reward from the quest is the Boomerang Dagger +2, which you can loot from Dennis if you kill him, or pickpocket from him if he's still alive, and so it's not necessary to complete the quest.

Also in the inn (on the bottom level), you'll meet Calbor the innkeeper. He'll sell you basic weapons, armor, and potions, and he'll have an amusing conversation with Jan if Jan is in your party.

18 - Building

You'll find two trapped doors leading into this building:
  • Eastern door. When you look through this doorway, you'll see only emptiness, and you'll decide not to go through. But if you have a Rogue Stone, then clicking on the doorway will teleport you to a safe house of the Twisted Rune, where you'll meet the lich Shangalar plus a few of his closest friends: Vaxall the beholder, Shyressa the vampire, Ravenak the thief, and Layene the mage. This battle is not for the faint of heart, so be sure to save before going through the doorway.

    You'll begin the encounter in a vestibule. When you approach the main chamber to the east, Shangalar will appear and speak to you. No matter what you say to him, he'll teleport into the vestibule with you and attack you. If you're hasted and quick, or if you put a bunch of traps on the floor where he appears, then you might be able to kill him quickly, and then lure his friends to you one or two at a time. But if you can't kill Shangalar quickly, then you'll probably be in for a long, difficult fight, especially if you get feared into the main chamber and end up battling all of the friends at once.

    If you can defeat Shangalar and his friends, then you'll earn 84,500 xp, and you'll find a Beholder Eye and a Staff of the Magi on their corpses.

    To escape from the safe house, you'll need to drop the Beholder Eye into the cauldron on the eastern side of the main chamber. This will power up the lever on the northern side of the chamber. Then when you pull the lever, you'll be returned to the Bridge District.

  • Western door. In the basement of his house, you'll discover a sarcophagus containing an elemental lich. Liches are tough enemies. They can cast high-level spells and they're well-protected. But if your party is reasonably powerful, and has good weapons, then you can place your melee fighters at the spot where the lich will spawn, haste them up, and then release the lich. Your party might be able to kill the lich before it can do much of anything, especially if one of your weapons is Carsomyr +5.

    When you kill the lich, you'll earn 22,000 xp. Then when you interact with the sarcophagus again, you'll find a Golden Torso, which you'll need for Kangaxx's quest in the Docks District.

19 - Am-Si's House

This house is involved in Tirdir's quest in the Graveyard District.

20 - Lord Feveron and Lady Diana

The noble couple here will mention meeting someone in the district, but they're not involved in any quests.

21 - Temple of Helm

22 - Faraji

Faraji is involved in the district's murder investigation. See the Overview text above for more information.

23 - Carbos, Shank and Bubbles

When you reach this spot, you'll witness Carbos and Shank dueling each other for the hand of Bubbles. It's random which one will win the fight. However, Bubbles won't be impressed, and so neither one of them will really win.

Note: Carbos and Shank were also the names of the assassins in the prologue of Baldur's Gate.

24 - Derelict House

This is the house of Neb, who you might remember as a riddling child killer in Baldur's Gate. Neb will only show up in his house during the Sir Sarles quest from the Temple District. See that page for more information. Also in the house, you'll find about 500 gp plus some gems behind a locked and trapped painting.

Just outside the house at night, you'll meet a cutpurse. He'll have basic weapons, armor, potions, and spell scrolls available.

25 - Mrs. Cragmoon

During the day, Mrs. Cragmoon will sell you a variety of potions, including Potions of Frost Giant Strength, Potions of Invulnerability, and Potions of Master Thievery. She's also involved in the district's murder investigation. See the Overview text above for more information.

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