Limited Wish Adventure
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Limited Wish is a spell that mages can cast in the game. The spell summons a genie, who then grants a wish. Some wishes are repeatable, and some can only be made once. If you or a companion casts the spell, and ask for "an adventure like none I've ever experienced before," and have at least 10 Wisdom, then you'll start the quest detailed below.

Note: All of the mage companions in the game have low Wisdom scores, but all of them except for Nalia have at least 10 Wisdom. If you need more Wisdom for the adventure wish, or for other limited wishes, then you can always have the caster quaff a Potion of Insight first. This will increase their Wisdom to 18.

Another Note: In the original version of the game, the genie summoned by the spell could be interacted with, which meant you could talk to it with a character other than the caster, and have that character make the wish. But this was fixed in the EE.

One Last Note: You'll only be able to wish for the adventure if Captain Dennis is still alive in Delosar's Inn in the Bridge District. However, if you killed him earlier, don't despair. Killing him and looting his corpse will give you roughly the same reward as completing the adventure.

Help Vittorio Collect His Debt

When you wish for the adventure, a man named Vittorio will show up, and he'll ask you for help. He'll tell you that he gave Captain Dennis some "lessons on the gong," but that Dennis now refuses to pay for them. So Vittorio will ask you to accompany him to Delosar's Inn in the Bridge District and confront Dennis. However, at the same time, you'll find a Note indicating that Vittorio stole a gong from Dennis, and that Dennis wants it back.

You'll find Captain Dennis and a handful of Riatavin Mercenaries on the second floor of Delosar's Inn. When you meet with them, Vittorio will accuse Dennis of not paying his debt, and Dennis will accuse Vittorio of stealing his mother's gong -- and Vittorio will suddenly recall that he did in fact steal the gong. If you take Vittorio's side anyway and threaten Dennis, then the encounter will lead to a fight. You'll earn 19,200 xp for winning the battle, and you'll find a Boomerang Dagger +2 on Dennis' corpse, but you'll also end the quest.

So instead, you should try to be more diplomatic and work out a deal. Vittorio will remember that he sold the gong to Roger the Fence in the Temple District Sewers, and he'll ask you to retrieve it while Dennis holds him hostage.

Recover Dennis's Mother's Gong

You'll find Roger in the southern part of the sewers. If you help him out by killing a nearby sea troll, then he'll reveal that he sold the gong to a troll shaman named Grae, who lives in a troll mound near Trademeet -- that is, in the Druid Grove.

You'll find Grae just outside the troll mound in the southwestern corner of the Druid Grove. He'll talk to you when you approach him, but no matter what you say, he'll attack you. However, once you've done enough damage to Grae, he'll surrender. If you let him live, then he'll tell you that he sold the gong to an ogre magi named Drush, who lives in the ogre tower to the northeast. If you kill Grae before learning this information, then you'll botch the quest. If you kill Grae afterwards, then you'll be fine, but you won't earn any xp for the kill either way.

When you meet with Drush, he'll offer to trade you the gong for a Wand of Frost. If you don't happen to have such a wand with you, then you can buy one from Adratha next door, or from Arledrian in Gaelan Bayle's house in the Slums District, or from Khan Zahraa the genie in Trademeet. Of course, it's possible that all of those merchants will be dead or otherwise unavailable to you, or maybe you won't feel like making the trip to see them. For that case, you can also just kill Drush for the gong, or steal it from him. You'll earn 12,250 xp for trading with Drush. You'll earn 650 xp for killing him.

When you hand over the gong to Captain Dennis, he'll reward you with a Boomerang Dagger +2 and 1500 gp. He'll even agree to pay half of what he owes to Vittorio. Plus, each character in your party will earn 16,500 xp.