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You'll meet "Hexxat" (really Clara) inside the Copper Coronet in the Slums District. She'll want you to search for a great treasure inside Dragomir's Tomb in the Graveyard District. This treasure will turn out to be the actual Hexxat, who was turned into a vampire while stealing the Casque of Dragomir from the tomb. After the rescue, Hexxat will become available as a companion. See the Dragomir's Tomb page for more information.

The Claw of the Black Leopard

At some point after adding Hexxat to your party, she'll tell you that she's employed by somebody named L, and that eventually she'll have to complete some tasks for him. A while after this, you'll be met by Cabrina, a messenger from L. Cabrina will order Hexxat to travel to the Crypts of Durkon and acquire Nan Kung Chi's scepter, the Claw of the Black Leopard.

The Crypts of Durkon are located in Shou Lung, a land to the east of Faerun. But luckily, the Casque of Dragomir (an item held by Hexxat) will allow you to "tombwalk," or instantly travel between tombs. So to reach the Crypts of Durkon, you'll just need to visit the Graveyard District. When you arrive, you'll start a conversation with Hexxat, and she'll offer to take you to your destination. If you don't want to go yet, then you can tell Hexxat to wait, and then manually talk to her again while you're in the district to make the trip.

Inside the Crypts of Durkon, you'll have to proceed to the back of area, where you'll encounter Nan Kung Chi himself. No matter what you say to him, he'll attack you, and you'll earn 16,000 xp for defeating him. You'll then find the Claw of the Black Leopard inside the sarcophagus next to him. Picking up the claw will earn you 15,000 xp. Once you have the claw, Hexxat will offer to take you back to the Graveyard District, but just like before, you can delay this trip and then manually talk to her again to get her to repeat the offer. For more details on the Crypts of Durkon, please refer to the Crypts of Durkon page.

Shroud of the Unproved

A week later, Cabrina will show up again. She'll collect the Claw of the Black Leopard from you, and she'll give Hexxat her next task -- to collect the Shroud of the Unproved from the Tomb of the Unproved in Zakhara. As before, to make the trip you'll just need to head over to the Graveyard District. Once there, Hexxat will offer to tombwalk you to your destination, and you can either accept right away or wait until later.

Inside the Tomb of the Unproved, you'll have to deal with witches, traps, magicians, a puzzle, a pop quiz, and a spider queen, but at the end you'll be able to collect the shroud. See the Tomb of the Unproved page for more details about how to do this. Once you have the shroud in your possession, Hexxat will offer to take you back to the Graveyard District.

Back in Athkatla, Hexxat will tell you that she needs to deliver the shroud to Cabrina at the Copper Coronet in the Slums District. You can either accompany her there (and keep her in your party) or let her go on her own (which will remove her from your party). Either way, Hexxat will hand over the shroud and the Casque of Dragomir to Cabrina, which will complete her debt to L. She'll then remain available as a companion.

Throne of Bhaal

In the Throne of Bhaal expansion pack, you'll run into Cabrina again inside the Zephir tavern in Amkethran. Cabrina will have a new task for Hexxat. She'll give you the Casque of Entrapment -- a combination of the Casque of Dragomir, the Claw of the Black Leopard, and the Shroud of the Unproved -- and she'll order you to deliver it to a "rebellious" lich named Korkorran.

Just like with the Casque of Dragomir before it, the Casque of Entrapment will allow you to tombwalk to a destination, but because it's new and improved, it won't require you to visit a graveyard first. So to travel to Korkorran's Tomb, you'll just need to talk to Hexxat (by clicking on the "talk" icon and then clicking on her).

Inside Korkorran's Tomb, you'll have several encounters with Phreya, another one of L's mistreated agents, and you'll have to deal with several annoying doors, but eventually you'll reach Korkorran in the final chamber. He'll try to negotiate a deal with you, but if you accept his terms -- leaving him alone in return for Hexxat being turned into a mortal -- then Hexxat will suddenly age by over 200 years and die. So don't accept the deal unless you don't like Hexxat.

Fighting Korkorran will go about the same as fighting every other lich. He'll summon a simulacrum and drink some potions, but otherwise he'll do regular lich things: he'll buff himself up, and he'll cast lots of high level spells. Symbol, Death seems to be one of his favorites. Oddly, the Casque of Entrapment won't come into play at all.

When Korkorran dies, L will take over his body. L will congratulate you for your work, and he'll promise you a reward soon. Then he'll teleport you out of the tomb.

The next time you rest (including at an inn), you'll get summoned to the wilderness by Cabrina. Cabrina will flirt for Hexxat for a bit, and then she'll summon L -- who you'll finally learn is Larloch the Shadow King, a famous Forgotten Realms lich. Larloch will offer to make Hexxat mortal again, but unlike Korkorran, he'll at least warn her that she'll die. You'll have two ways to proceed:
  • If you try and force Hexxat to reject the deal, or if you ask her to make you into a vampire, too, then she'll choose to become a mortal again, and she'll die. Larloch will then teleport you back to where you rested, so not only will you lose Hexxat, you'll also lose her equipment.

  • To keep Hexxat a vampire, you'll need to ask her things like "Is that what you want?" and "Has our time together truly been so awful?" Then when Hexxat tries to make you promise that you'll kill her if she asks you to, you'll either need to agree or, with 16 Charisma, decline and point out that she's a survivor. If you're successful with your arguments, then Hexxat will refuse Larloch's reward, and Larloch will send you back to where you rested.