Dorn (EE)

Bollard Firejaw

When you meet Dorn in the Temple District, he'll tell you that his patron demon Ur-Gothoz has commanded him to kill the Golden Lion Bollard Firejaw inside the nearby High Hall of the Radiant Heart. If you agree to help him out, then Dorn will join you. Two days later, if you haven't killed Firejaw yet, then Dorn will complain, but as long as you don't call his task "disturbing," he won't leave your party and he won't complain again. So the quest is untimed.

When you enter the High Hall, it won't be the regular High Hall. You'll learn that it's been reserved for a wedding, and that Firejaw is presiding over it. If you tell the doorman that you're with the bride, and if you're polite to the bride's brother and have 15 Charisma, then you'll be allowed inside without a fight. Otherwise, you'll be forced to kill the doorman, the brother, and three guards (for about 3000 xp). Nobody in the main part of the hall will notice which method you use.

Note: If you attack the people at the entrance, then you'll lose Reputation. But if they attack you, then you won't.

Either way, you'll be just in time for the wedding ceremony. If you're feeling malicious, then you can claim that you're carrying the groom's child (even if you're male), which will cause the bride's father and several guests to kill the groom. After that, you'll have two options:
  • You can let Dorn take over. He'll kill Firejaw in a cut scene, and then you'll have to decide what to do about the witnesses. Dorn will want to kill them, but with 16 Charisma you can convince him to let them go. For the former option, you'll earn less than 1500 xp for killing everybody, and you'll lose some Reputation. You'll also have to kill the entrance guards, if they're still alive, for an extra 3000 xp. For the latter option, you'll earn 5000 xp.

  • You can attack Firejaw yourself. You'll earn 1400 xp for killing him, but everybody else in the High Hall will turn hostile, which means you won't be given any options for what to do about the bystanders. You'll just have to kill them or run away.
You'll find a Mace +1 on Firejaw's corpse.

Guardian Terpfen

When Dorn reaches Level 12, he'll receive another command from his patron Ur-Gothoz -- this time, to kill a priest of Helm named Terpfen. However, Dorn won't know where Terpfen is located, and so you'll have to meet with Guardian Telwyn inside the Temple of Helm in the Temple District to find out.

When you enter the Temple of Helm, you'll automatically move to an isolated room with Telwyn. If you're polite to him, then he'll talk to you, giving you four ways to proceed:
  • If you tell Telwyn that you need to see Terpfen about a family matter, then Telwyn will tell you where to find him.

  • If you tell Telwyn that you need to see Terpfen about a business matter, then Telwyn will charge you 10 gp for the information.

  • You can threaten Telwyn for the information.

  • You can just kill Telwyn, either before or after he tells you what you need to know. You'll earn 680 xp for the deed, and you'll find Telwyn's Note on his corpse. The note will reveal where to find Terpfen. But be aware: Telwyn is involved in two Temple District quests, so if you kill him before completing those quests, then you'll fail them. Killing Telwyn might also cause everybody in the Temple of Helm to turn hostile.
Regardless, you'll learn that Terpfen is currently at the Helmite Camp just outside of town. When you arrive there, no matter what you say, you'll end up fighting everybody: Guardian Terpfen, Hokkney of Tyr, Squire Haldi, eight knights, a priest, three sentries, and a poor, sad cook. Because of the sheer number of enemies, we'd recommend immediately retreating back the way you came. It's likely that only a few enemies will follow you, and by heading east, that will leave all of the remaining enemies to the west, and so you won't get surrounded.

You'll earn nearly 60,000 xp for winning the battle, and you'll find a Cloak of Protection +1, a Flail +2, a Helm of Glory +1: Helm of the Noble, a Medium Shield +1, a Two-Handed Sword +1, and more when you loot the corpses. You'll also lose a point of Reputation for your deeds, and if you kill the cook, then you'll lose two more.

Afterwards, Dorn will begin to question his servitude to Ur-Gothoz. It won't make any difference how you respond.

Traggor the Hammer

When you leave the Helmite Camp, regardless of your destination, you'll get ambushed by Traggor the Hammer (paladin) and his merry band: Big Mordim (paladin), Garfunkle (cleric), Simon (cleric), and Wagner (paladin). They'll talk to you first, and you might get a chance to give up Dorn (which will get Dorn killed and not earn you anything), but otherwise the conversation will always lead to a fight.

Note: If you buff up before leaving the Helmite Camp, then the buffs will still be with you during the ambush.

Normally we'd recommend taking out the casters first, but in this case Simon and Garfunkle are less of a threat than the paladins (who might wander over to your vulnerable DPS characters if you're not careful), and so it's better to target the paladins first. You'll earn over 30,000 xp for winning the battle, and when you loot the corpses you'll find two Helms of Charm Protection, two Helms of Glory +1: Helms of the Noble, a Mace +1, a Mace +2, two Two-Handed Swords +1, and a Two-Handed Sword +2.

Azothet and Ur-Gothoz

Right after defeating Traggor, Dorn will curse Ur-Gothoz for turning him into a target for every follower of Helm, Torm and Tyr. Sensing an opportunity, the demon Azothet will appear, and she'll tell Dorn how he can cast off Ur-Gothoz's shackles. He'll just need to travel to Resurrection Gorge, complete a ritual to summon Ur-Gothoz, and then trap him in an Abyssal Blade. No matter what you say, you'll end up agreeing to this plan.

When Azothet leaves, Ur-Gothoz himself will show up, and he'll demand to know what just happened. As long as you don't provoke him (by insulting him or claiming that you're the one who severed his link with Dorn), he won't realize what's going on, and he'll leave you be. You can even reveal your plan with Azothet, and he won't overly care. If you do provoke Ur-Gothoz enough, then he'll order Dorn to kill you, which might turn Dorn hostile. So don't do that.

At Resurrection Gorge, you'll find the Abyssal Blade, and you'll collect three summoning stones, which will allow you to perform the summoning ritual. See the Resurrection Gorge page for details. You'll then have to make a choice:
  • You can kill Azothet for Ur-Gothoz. The Abyssal Blade will absorb Azothet's power, which will give it +5 damage versus demons. Ur-Gothoz will be pleased with your work, and he'll give you The Visage.

  • You can kill Ur-Gothoz for Azothet. The Abyssal Blade will absorb Ur-Gothoz's power, which will give it +5 damage versus devils. Dorn will have to swear fealty to Azothet, so nothing will change with him, but Azothet won't give you a reward.

  • You can kill both demons. The Abyssal Blade will absorb both their powers, which will give it +5 damage versus demons and +5 damage versus devils. However, without a demon master, Dorn will lose his blackguard abilities and become a fallen blackguard, which means he'll essentially become a fighter. Choosing this path also means Dorn won't trigger a quest in Throne of Bhaal (see below).
Regardless of your choice, each character in your party will earn 24,000 xp for completing the summoning ritual.

Throne of Bhaal

At some point early in the Throne of Bhaal expansion pack, while traveling on the world map, you'll get ambushed by a Planetar of Justice, who will announce that Dorn's name has been "inscribed in the Scroll of Retribution." The planetar won't care what you have to say about the matter. It -- and the four crusaders with it -- will simply attack you. The planetar can't be defeated, but once you've killed the crusaders (worth 8000 xp each) and done enough damage to the planetar, it will flee -- but not before adding your name to the scroll as well.

Note: It's possible that when you arrive at the ambush site, all of your characters will load in the exact same spot in the lower left-hand corner of the map, which means that none of your characters will be able to move. To fix this, you should rest (to separate your characters) and then use the Pocket Plane ability to exit and return to the map (to get your characters unstuck). From there, the encounter should play out as intended.

After the battle, Dorn will inform you that being listed on the Scroll of Retribution means that you'll keep getting attacked by celestials, in greater and greater numbers. So he'll decide -- perhaps with the help of the demon(s) stored inside his Abyssal Blade -- that you should travel to Lunia, the home of the gods, and erase your names from the scroll. You'll then automatically use a feather from the Planetar of Justice to create a portal to Lunia.

In Lunia, you'll be able to fight your way or talk your way to the Scroll of Retribution, and then once you've reached it, you'll be able to remove your name, Dorn's name, or both names, and perhaps add some names in their place. See the Lunia page for details.

Regardless of your actions while modifying the Scroll of Retribution, as you make your way out of Lunia, you'll run into some resistance -- mostly by a pair of silver dragons named Dolrassa and Ixthezzys. With 16 Charisma, you can talk your way past them (by pointing out that you're a Bhaalspawn), but you can also attack them, because who wouldn't want to try two dragons at once? If you kill the dragons, then you'll find Silver Dragon Scales on their corpses, which Cespenar in the Pocket Plane can use to create Silver Dragon Scale armor.

When you exit Lunia, Dorn will be happy with your exploits, and the quest will end.