Ranger Stronghold

After defeating the Shade Lord in the Temple Ruins, Minister Lloyd in Umar Hills will give you the local ranger cabin to use as your stronghold. This will result in you receiving three quests, which are described below.

Quest 1: Lord Tombelthen

At some point when you rest or arrive in Umar Hills, the local forest spirit Mairyn will appear to you. She'll tell you that humans have come into her forest and have started cutting down trees and digging up the land, and she'll ask you to make them leave.

You'll find the humans, led by Lord Igen Tombelthen, at the Temple Ruins to the west. Tombelthen will tell you that he's searching for something, and that he'll keep looking for it until he finds it, no matter what forest spirits or commoners like you might say about it. This will give you two ways to deal with him:
  • You can attack Tombelthen and his entourage. You'll earn about 8000 xp for defeating them, and you'll find Bracers of Defense AC 6: Bracers to the Death, a Traveler's Robe, and a Two-Handed Sword +1 on the corpses.

  • You can help Tombelthen in his search. He'll tell you that he's looking for a cache of mithral, which was hidden in the area by his ancestor many years ago. He'll then give you Tombelthen's Journal (first half). You might have already found Tombelthen's Journal (second half) in the interior of the Temple Ruins, in the prison where Mazzy was being held.

    Between the two journal halves, you'll learn that the mithral is in the southern part of the region, hidden inside "a standing column of rock." There are a few standing columns of rocks in the Temple Ruins map; the correct one is in the southeastern corner. You'll know you've found it when you encounter some hostile skeletons. Inside the column, you'll discover a Mithral Medallion and Lord Tombelthen's Note.

    When you deliver the items to Tombelthen, he'll be disappointed, but he'll offer you 1000 gp for the medallion. If you try to charge him more than that or try to keep it for yourself, then he'll attack you. Otherwise, you'll receive 1000 gp for selling the medallion, or 10,000 xp for letting Tombelthen have it for free.
Either way, when you return to Mairyn at your stronghold, she'll be content with your work, and you'll earn 21,500 xp.

Quest 2: Orc Attack

A few days later, Delon (who originally asked you to come to Umar Hills) will find you again, and he'll tell you that the village of Imnesvale is in imminent danger of being attacked by orcs. He'll then ask you to return to the village as quickly as possible to help out. You'll only have about three days to respond to this summons. If you take too long, then you'll be dismissed as ranger-protector when you do arrive, and you'll lose your stronghold.

When you arrive in Imnesvale, you should talk to Minister Lloyd in his house. He'll inform you that the orcs are by the Umar Cave in the center of the map, and that Madulf the ogre and a shepherd boy named Atta are trapped inside.

When you arrive at the cave, you'll be attacked by two orc archers, three orogs, and an orog leader. You'll earn about 1000 xp for defeating them, and you'll find a Bastard Sword +1 and Studded Leather Armor +2 on their corpses.

Inside the cave, when you check on Madulf and Atta, you'll earn 21,750 xp. Then when you return to Minister Lloyd in his house, you'll earn an additional 25,000 xp.

Quest 3: Umar the Witch

A few days later, Delon will once again track you down. This time he'll tell you that Umar the Witch has returned to Umar Hills, and that she wants everyone to leave immediately -- or else. This quest is either untimed or has a very long timer, so you shouldn't feel pressured to return to Umar Hills quickly.

When you talk to Minister Lloyd in his house, he'll repeat what Delon told you, plus add that Umar "shoots great balls of black fire from her hands," and also summons demons to help her out. At the end of the conversation, he'll reveal that Umar was seen entering the nearby Temple Ruins, and that that's where you should begin your search for her.

When you reach the entrance to the Temple Ruins, you'll find Mairyn the forest spirit waiting for you. She'll tell you that along with black fire and demons, Umar's "foul magics" are also tainting the surrounding forest, and she'll encourage you to deal with the witch as quickly as possible.

Inside the ruins, you'll encounter an assortment of salamanders, skeletons, specters, wraiths, and zombies -- plus a single Glabrezu demon -- but you'll eventually run into Umar on the western side of Level 1, standing next to a sun gem pedestal. When you get close to her, she'll admit to being a conjurer pretending to be Umar, and then she and her imp familiar will attack you.

The battle against Umar should not be too difficult. You'll earn 5400 xp for winning the battle, and you'll find Bracers of Defense AC 6: Bracers to the Death, ten Darts of Stunning, a Mage Robe of Fire Resistance, a Quarterstaff +1, and a Wand of Lightning on the corpses.

When you exit the ruins, Mairyn will thank you for your good deeds, and she'll give you a Moon Dog Figurine. You'll also receive a point of Reputation and 26,750 xp. Then when you return to Minister Lloyd, he'll thank you as well, but he won't give you anything.