Chapter 5
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You'll begin Chapter 5 in the Underdark. When you talk to some of the locals there (like Carlig not far from your starting position), you'll learn that Irenicus and Bodhi recently passed through the area on their way to the drow city of Ust Natha. However, when you try to follow them there, you'll discover that only drow are allowed into the city.

When you talk to Goldander Blackenrock in the svirfneblin settlement, he'll tell you that he knows someone who might help you to get into Ust Natha -- the silver dragon Adalon, who lives in a dark cave. In order to visit Adalon, you'll need the Light Gem carried by Goldander, but he'll only give it to you if you kill the balor threatening the settlement. You can also kill Goldander for the gem or pickpocket it from him.

With the Light Gem in your possession, you'll be able to visit Adalon. She'll tell you that the drow of Ust Natha stole her eggs, and she'll ask you to get them back. In return, she'll magically disguise you as drow so you can enter Ust Natha, and she'll promise to show you a way out of the Underdark, should you complete her task.

Inside Ust Natha, you'll get mixed up in the power schemes of Matron Mother Ardulace and her daughter Phaere, which will eventually grant you access to Adalon's eggs. When you carry the eggs out of Ust Natha and deliver them to Adalon, she'll take you to the exit from the Underdark, and she'll open it up for you, allowing you to leave.

If you don't want to work for Adalon or visit Ust Natha, then you'll have two other options. Once you've been disguised as drow by Adalon, you can head right to the exit from the Underdark, and if you have 17 Charisma, then you'll be able to convince the drow guarding the exit to let you through. You can also kill Adalon and loot a Note from her corpse. The Note will allow you to unlock the exit gate on your own.

When you go through the exit, you'll find yourself in some ruins, where groups of drow will be fighting war elves. When you eventually reach the end of the ruins and go through the exit there, you'll return to the surface. This will end he chapter.