Rasaad (EE)
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You'll first encounter Rasaad in Trademeet. He'll be by the fountain having a "discussion" with two Sun Soul monks. Rasaad won't take kindly to what they have to say, and he'll knock them down before departing.

When you talk to the monks, you'll learn that a man named Collus Darathon has started preaching that Shar and Selune are two aspects of the same goddess, and that his "heresy" has attracted monks from the Sun Soul and Dark Moon orders, creating a new, unified order. Because of this, the old orders have started hunting down the heretics, including, apparently, Rasaad.

At the end of the conversation, the two monks will leave, but soon after Rasaad will reappear and talk to you. He'll reveal that he hasn't joined the new order -- he's only attempting to infiltrate it so he can destroy it. He'll also mention that he thinks Collus Darathon is connected to Alorgoth, the man responsible for his brother's death. From this point on, Rasaad (a lawful-good human Sun Soul monk) will be available as a companion.

When you take Rasaad to the City Gates, a cloaked figure (aka Arwes) will approach you looking for Rasaad. If you pretend not to know who he is, then the cloaked figure will leave, and you'll have to wait 24 hours for her to return. Otherwise, you'll have two choices for how to deal with her. If you talk to her, then she'll invite you to the Abandoned Amphitheater, where a "meeting of like minds" is going to take place. If you attack her, then she'll drop a Scrap of Paper, which will mention the amphitheater. Either way, the amphitheater will appear on your world map.

Abandoned Amphitheater

When you visit the Abandoned Amphitheater, you'll learn a bit about the Twofold Trust, including the location of the Twofold Temple. Then when you leave the amphitheater map (regardless of your destination), you'll run into a group of Sun Soul monks called the Tears of Selune: Ghell Rando, Sahana, Sixscar, and Treya (who was one of the monks who confronted Rasaad in Trademeet). They'll accuse Rasaad of slaughtering the Athkatla chapter of the Sun Soul order, even though it'll be clear that he was framed.

During the encounter, you'll get a chance to convince the Tears that Rasaad is innocent. The less threatening and more reasonable you are, the fewer Tears you'll have to fight at the end, including fighting none of them. There are three basic outcomes:
  • All of the Tears leave peaceably. Sahana will give Rasaad a Cowl of the Stars, and each character in your party will earn 5000 xp.

  • All of the Tears turn hostile. You'll earn 26,000 xp from the ensuing battle, and you'll find a Cloak of Unerring Strikes, a Cowl of the Stars, and Hawksight +2 when you loot the corpses. Each character in your party will also earn 2000 xp.

  • Some of the Tears turn hostile. The number of enemies you face will depend on your Charisma rather than your arguments. You'll earn a reward in between the two extremes listed above.
Twofold Temple

At the Twofold Temple, you'll have (appropriately enough) two options: you can kill every heretic monk you come across, or you can pretend to be a heretic yourself and go through the order's initiation rituals. Either way, you'll meet Collus Darathon while you're inside the temple, and then later he'll show up with several Dark Moon monks in tow and attack the temple.

During the Dark Moon attack, you'll learn that Collus Darathon is indeed Alorgoth, but he'll get away during the fighting, and all you'll be able to do is kill his Dark Moon followers. Afterwards, with a vacancy in the Twofold leadership, you'll be able to convince Rasaad to take charge of the Twofold Trust -- or not. If you do, then he'll leave your party, and you won't be able to recruit him again until the Throne of Bhaal expansion pack. If you don't, then he'll remain in your party and continue to be available as a companion.

Throne of Bhaal

At some point early on in the Throne of Bhaal expansion pack (probably the first time you travel away from the North Forest), you'll get ambushed by a group of Sharran Assassins sent by Alorgoth. You'll earn 63,500 xp for defeating them, and when you loot their corpses, you'll find a Torn Map. Picking up the map will unlock Deepstone Clanhold on the world map.

When you arrive at Deepstone Clanhold, you'll meet some dwarven survivors, who will tell you how Alorgoth invaded their clanhold after they discovered some strange purple crystals in their mines. You'll then need to infiltrate the clanhold and the mines, where you'll finally encounter Alorgoth. However, Alorgoth won't fight you right away. Instead, he and his ally Yxtrazzal will use the Wheel of Obliteration to create a portal to the Plane of Shadow, and then they'll step through it.

When you follow Alorgoth to the Plane of Shadow, you'll discover that he's allied himself with the shadows who live there. You'll then have to fight Yxtrazzal -- now a black dragon -- to steal away the Wheel of Obliteration, so you can control the portal between the planes. With their access to the material plane thwarted, the shadows will turn on Alorgoth and kill him, and Rasaad' will finally be content. Completing the quest will earn you 20,000 xp.