Chapter 8 (TOB)
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You'll begin this chapter in the Forest of Tethir, where you'll get attacked by the Bhaalspawn Illasera the Quick and her band of Black Reavers. After the battle, you'll get teleported to the Pocket Plane, which will function as your base of operations for the Throne of Bhaal expansion pack. You won't be able to return to your stronghold from Shadows of Amn, so hopefully you brought everything important with you.

Inside the Pocket Plane, you'll meet a Solar, who will want to help you "assume your destiny," and you'll eventually unlock access to a portal. The portal will take you "where you need to be." For the moment, that means it'll only take you to Saradush, a haven for Bhaalspawn. When you arrive, the mage Melissan will inform you that the city is being attacked by a Bhaalspawn named Yaga-Shura, and that its ruler, the Bhaalspawn Gromnir Il-Khan, has gone mad. To rally the city's defenders, you'll have to infiltrate Saradush Castle and remove Gromnir from power.

After defeating Gromnir, Melissan will show up again, and she'll tell you that the only way to save Saradush is to defeat Yaga-Shura. However, she'll inform you that Yaga-Shura regenerates so quickly that he can't be killed, and that you'll have to do some research on his powers before facing him. This will unlock the North Forest as a destination from the Pocket Plane portal. Once there, you'll be allowed to travel on the world map, which will also allow you to visit Watcher's Keep.

To learn about Yaga-Shura, you'll need to meet with the witch Nyalee in the Forest of Mir. She'll tell you that Yaga-Shura is her foster son, but that he betrayed her and stole her heart (literally). Because of this, she'll reveal that he also removed his own heart and surrounded it with magical flames, which is why he can't be killed. So she'll make you a deal -- if you bring both hearts back to her, then she'll extinguish Yaga'Shura's heart and make him vulnerable again. You'll find the hearts in Yaga-Shura's Lair in the Marching Mountains. When you bring them to Nyalee, she'll keep her end of the bargain, but when she has her heart back, she'll suddenly have feelings for her son again, and she'll attack you to protect him.

To kill the now-vulnerable Yaga-Shura, you'll need to confront him in his Siege Camp just outside Saradush. When you do, you'll learn that Saradush has fallen, which means you won't be allowed to go back there. Yaga-Shura will be over-confident at the start of the battle, but when he discovers that he can be wounded again, he'll flee. A short time later when Yaga-Shura returns, he'll summon his remaining soldiers to him, and he'll attack you again. To make this battle easier, you should scour his camp and kill all of his soldiers while he's gone.

When you kill Yaga-Shura, you'll get whisked back to the Pocket Plane, where the Solar will continue your "education." You'll learn that your mother Alianna was a willing disciple of Bhaal, and that Gorion killed her to prevent her from turning you into a sacrifice. You'll also learn that many Bhaalspawn including Sarevok were with you at the time, but that Gorion only had time to save you (and, apparently, Imoen).

At the end of your class, the Solar will return you to the Siege Camp. Once there, Melissan will find you, and she'll tell you that Yaga-Shura had two allies -- Abazigal and Sendai -- and she'll invite you to meet with her in Amkethran so you can discuss how to defeat them. Then when you arrive in Amkethran (via The Oasis), the chapter will come to an end.