Chapter 7
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When you enter Suldanessellar, you'll find the place ravaged by Irenicus' wrath. You'll have to battle a variety of invading creatures -- demons, golems, rakshasas, and more -- but eventually you'll find Priestess Demin, who will give you a way to end the assault. She'll tell you how to summon an avatar of the Leaflord, Rillifane Rallathil. Upon completing this ritual, Rillifane will appear, and he'll clear the city of invaders and also give you a way to enter the Elven Palace, which in turn will give you access to the Tree of Life, where you'll find Irenicus.

To stop Irenicus from draining the Tree of Life and ascending to godhood, you'll have to kill his three parasites, and then you'll need to defeat him in battle. However, after completing these tasks, you won't win the game. Instead, Irenicus will be dragged down to Hell, and because he has your soul, you and your companions will be dragged down after him.

In Hell, you'll have to complete a series of tests that will require you to be "good" or "evil." After the last test, Irenicus will reappear, and you'll have to fight him again. But this time, he'll use his Slayer form, and he'll summon some demons to help him out, and so it'll be a different sort of battle. Also different -- when you defeat him, you'll escape from Hell and he'll be stuck there forever, and you'll win the game, or at least the Shadows of Amn portion of it. The elves of Suldanessellar will also throw you a party.