At some point during the game, a messenger named Terl will deliver some unfortunate news to Anomen -- namely, that Anomen's sister Moira was recently murdered, and that as a result, Cor Delryn, Anomen's father, would like to see him. This quest is timed. If you neglect it for two days, then Anomen will tell you that he's growing impatient. If you continue to put it off for three more days, then Anomen will leave your party to deal with the matter on his own, and you'll lose him as a companion.

You'll find the Delryn estate in the Government District. Inside, you'll meet Cor Delryn, who will blame a business rival named Saerk Farrahd for Moira's death. Cor will then demand that Anomen kill Saerk and his son Yusef in revenge. You'll have two ways to proceed:
  • If you encourage Anomen to uphold the law, then you'll earn 10,500 xp, but Cor won't be impressed by your decision, and he'll disown Anomen. Then when you visit with Magistrate Bylanna in the Council of Six building in the Government District, and ask her about the investigation, she'll tell you that no evidence or witnesses were found -- against Saerk or anyone else. This will give you a chance to change your mind about the matter. If you encourage Anomen to take his vengeance without evidence, then you'll switch to the option below. Otherwise, you'll continue on your course, and you'll earn 7500 xp.

  • If you encourage Anomen to settle the matter violently, then Cor will be thrilled, and he'll usher you off to take care of business. You'll find the Farrahd Estate in the Bridge District. Inside, you'll be attacked by a few guards, and when you reach the inner sanctum, Anomen will automatically kill Surayah, Saerk's daughter. This will cost you some Reputation points and start the main fight, where you'll take on Saerk, Yusef, and a few more guards. Yusef will escape during the fight (never to be seen again), but you'll earn 9000 xp for killing Saerk, and you'll find some +1 weapons and a Star Sapphire when you loot the corpses and the other containers in the estate. Afterwards when you return to Cor, you'll earn 10,500 xp.
Later on, after Anomen has reached level 12, you'll be met by Sir Ryan Trawl while you're in Athkatla. He'll inform Anomen that it is finally time for him to be judged by the Most Noble Order of the Radiant Heart. That means you'll need to take Anomen to the High Hall of the Radiant Heart in the Temple District. If you delay this for two days, then Anomen will complain at you. If you delay for three more days after that, then Anomen will leave your party and stop being available as a companion.

When you enter the High Hall, the ceremony will automatically begin. It will go one of two ways:
  • If you kept Anomen lawful when dealing with Farrahd, then Anomen will be knighted, and he'll become Sir Anomen. You'll receive 10,000 xp for your party, and Anomen will receive 50,000 xp himself. Anomen will also gain +4 Wisdom, and his alignment will shift from Lawful-Neutral to Lawful-Good.

  • If you let Anomen take his revenge against Farrahd and his family, then Anomen will fail his test and get kicked out of the order. You'll receive 5000 xp, and Anomen's alignment will shift from Lawful-Neutral to Chaotic-Neutral.