Chapter 2
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When you arrive in the Slums District, you'll be met by Gaelan Bayle. No matter what you say to him, he'll take you to his house, and he'll make you a deal. For the low, low price of 20,000 gp, he'll offer you the help of a "powerful group" who can find out where the Cowled Wizards took Imoen, and help you to rescue her. You won't be able to refuse this offer. It'll be your main objective for the chapter.

At some point after you've accumulated 15,000 gp, you'll be approached by a woman named Valen. She'll tell you that your current allies are untrustworthy, and that her mistress has a counter-offer for you to consider. You'll just have to meet with her in the Graveyard District at night. Right after this conversation, Gaelan Bayle's nephew Brus will show up and entreat you not to do anything hasty, and to return to Bayle for an improved offer. If you follow this advice, then you'll learn that Bayle has reduced his price to 15,000 gp.

When you go to the Graveyard District at night, you'll be met by Bodhi, Valen's mistress. She'll reveal that Bayle's organization is the Shadow Thieves, and she'll offer you the exact same deal as them, including the 15,000 gp price tag. However, she'll use words like "bloody" and "terrorize," and she'll offer you a base of operations in a crypt. Meanwhile, if you remember Bayle's pitch, he used words like "benefit" and "friendly." If you've been witnessing encounters between Shadow Thieves and vampires in Athkatla, then it probably won't come as a surprise to learn that Bodhi is a vampire.

So you'll have two choices. Bodhi is the "evil" option and the Shadow Thieves are the "good" option, but it won't really make much of a difference which one you pick. The organization you work with will have different quests for you to complete, but the rewards will be about the same (although working with Bodhi will net you some better equipment, including the Rifthome Axe +3), and you'll get Imoen back either way. To make your choice, you'll either need to pay Gaelan Bayle, or you'll need to meet with Bodhi. If you meet with Bayle, or if you reject Bodhi's offer, then you'll work with the Shadow Thieves. Otherwise, if you accept Bodhi's deal, then you'll work with her.

Note: Bodhi won't work with you if you're playing a single-class thief.

If you join the Shadow Thieves, then each character in your party will earn 45,000 xp. If you join Bodhi, then each character in your party will earn 36,750 xp. Paying the fee will end the chapter.