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Yoshimo and Renal Bloodscalp

If you enter the Docks District with Yoshimo, then he'll tell you that he's had some run-ins with the Shadow Thieves, and that as a consequence, he's supposed to report in to Renal Bloodscalp in the Shadow Thief Guildhall "or suffer the consequences." He'll remind you of this two days later, and then again two days after that, but ignoring his request won't cause him to leave your party or anything, and so there isn't any rush to visit the guildhall.

When you talk to Bloodscalp, he'll ask you to infiltrate Mae'Var's Guildhall. This is the same quest he'll give you whether Yoshimo is in your party or not. The only difference is that with Yoshimo assisting you in the matter, Bloodscalp will decide that that's payment enough for Yoshimo to clear his debt. You won't get a reward for completing this quest.

Yoshimo's Heart

If you take Yoshimo with you to Spellhold, then you'll learn that Irenicus previously placed a geas on him, forcing him to betray you. Yoshimo will end up attacking you when you try to escape, and you'll find Yoshimo's Heart on his corpse. If you take the heart to any Temple of Ilmater (found in the Slums District and Waukeen's Promenade), then the priest there will accept the heart from you and purify it, putting Yoshimo's spirit at rest. This will earn you 200,000 xp.