Mazzy and Gorf the Squisher

When you bring Mazzy to the Copper Coronet in the Slums District, you'll run into an ogre named Gorf the Squisher. He'll insult Mazzy (calling her, among other things, a "pipsqueak"), and then he'll knock down a bystander to show her how powerful he is. Mazzy will immediately challenge Gorf to a duel inside the Copper Coronet.

Inside, when you get close enough to Surly, the fighting pit master, Mazzy will demand to know where Gorf is. Surly will direct you to Gorf's girlfriend Bunkin, who can be found nearby to the east. Depending upon what time it is, one of two things will happen next. If it's past Hour 19, then you'll find Gorf next to Bunkin, and if Mazzy approaches him, then you'll immediately start the duel. If it's too early, then Bunkin will tell you that Gorf only shows up after Hour 19. However, if you ask her to track Gorf down, then he'll show up right away. Otherwise, you'll have to wait.

Also in the Copper Coronet, you might notice a man named Festule the Alchemist standing by the back staircase. If you get close enough to him without Mazzy being nearby, then he'll offer you a drug that will help Mazzy to win the fight. He'll ask you 500 gp for it, but you can get the price down to 400 gp if you negotiate. If you buy the drug, then you'll end up with is Festule the Alchemist's Poison.

To get Gorf to take the poison, you'll need to talk to Bunkin. If it's past Hour 19, then you'll need to approach Bunkin without Mazzy being nearby, or else Gorf will see her and immediately start the duel. If you ask Bunkin to poison Gorf, then she'll refuse, and you won't be able to do anything about it. To convince Bunkin to help, you'll need to compliment her beauty, and tell her that the poison is actually a love potion. She'll give it to Gorf, and you'll earn 11,500 xp.

When the duel starts up, Mazzy will drop all of her equipment to the ground (wherever she was standing outside of the fighting pit), and she'll receive a Short Sword and a Small Shield for the battle. Immediately have her equip those two items, and then let the fight play out. Mazzy should win easily (because of her abilities), whether you've poisoned Gorf or not. You'll earn 2500 xp when Mazzy kills Gorf, and then 5000 xp more for completing the quest. Afterwards, don't forget to have Mazzy pick up her gear and put everything back on.

Mazzy and Pala

At some point during the game, Danno Fairfoot will come up to you and tell you that he accidentally poisoned Mazzy's sister Pala, thinking that he was actually giving her a love potion. He'll then ask you to rush over to Mazzy's family home in Trademeet and cure her. If you ignore this request, then Mazzy will bring it up every four days, but she won't actually leave your party.

Inside the Fentan home in Trademeet, you'll meet Vara Fentan, Mazzy's mother. Vara will tell you that Danno bought his love potion from a local merchant named Wallace. You'll find Wallace in the market area near the southern entrance of the town. He'll deny selling anything poisonous -- but then he'll reveal that he's been using a new supplier named Barl from the Temple of Waukeen. This conversation will earn you 6750 xp.

Inside the temple, you'll need to talk to Overgold Renwellyn. He'll take your accusation seriously, and he'll search Barl's quarters, where he'll find "suspicious paraphernalia" bearing the symbol of Talona, the Lady of Poison. Renwellyn will call for Barl to join you in the temple. Barl will happily admit his guilt, and then he'll summon two Poison Mists and attack you.

You'll earn 37,000 xp total for winning the battle, and Mazzy will find Barl's Antidote on his corpse. You'll then immediately return to Mazzy's home and give the antidote to Pala, who will begin feeling better. But Mazzy will still be worried, and she'll leave your party and watch over Pala for the next 24 hours. When you return to her after that, she'll once again be available as a companion.

Note: If you return to the Temple of Waukeen, then you'll be able to loot Barl's corpse, where you'll find Plate Mail, a Large Shield +1, and more.