Druid Stronghold

After defeating Faldorn for control of the Druid Grove during the Trademeet Animal Attacks quest, Master Verthan will give you the grove (assuming that you're a druid), which will make it your stronghold. He'll also tell you to rest when you're ready to assume your responsibilities. Doing so will give you your first of three quests, which are described below.

Quest 1: Troll Shamaness Nilthiri

When you rest, the Spirit of the Grove will appear to you, and she'll ask you to kill the troll shamaness Nilthiri, who is attempting to disrupt the balance of the grove by expanding the power of the trolls. To help you out, the spirit will give you the club The Root of the Problem +1, which deals acid damage (and thus is effective against trolls).

You'll find Nilthiri to the east of the troll mound. She'll have three regular trolls with her, but you might be able draw one or two of them to you before the main fight starts up. Nilthiri is a spellcaster, but she won't last very long if you gang up on her. About the most interesting thing she'll do is summon a dozen diseased rats to assist her. The rats are sort of annoying since they'll poison you and get in the way, but one fireball will take them out while only dealing minor damage to your melee fighters. You'll earn 14,212 xp for winning the fight.

When the battle ends, the Spirit of the Grove will appear next to you, and each character in your party will earn 18,500 xp.

Quest 2: Marek and Loren

Ten days after completing the first quest, when you rest in your stronghold, the Spirit of the Grove will appear to you again. This time she'll tell you about Marek, who established the grove, and she'll warn you that one of his descendants, a boy named Loren, is in imminent danger. So she'll direct you to head out and protect him.

You'll find Loren in Trademeet, standing near the tents to the south of the town. When you talk to him there, he'll tell you that he hears voices, and that they're threatening to kill him. When you encourage Loren to evict the voices and force them to fight you instead, Chaos will appear and attack you. Chaos will jump around and change form, but it shouldn't be too difficult to kill. You'll earn 12,000 xp for defeating it.

After the battle, the Spirit of the Grove will appear and thank you for your help. She'll give you a Golden Lion Figurine, and each character in your party will earn 20,500 xp. The spirit will then take Loren and teleport him to the grove for safekeeping.

Quest 3: Challenge

When you reach level 14, you'll be able to challenge for leadership of the Druid Grove. A druid messenger might inform you of this, but waiting for the messenger isn't required. To make the challenge, you'll just need to return to your stronghold and talk to Master Verthan. He'll set up a duel between you and a high level druid. When you win, you'll receive a Cleric's Staff +3, a Ring of Protection +2: The Guard's Ring, 10,000 gp, and 20,000 xp. You'll also be named a Great Druid.