You'll meet Keldorn in the Temple District Sewers while you're working on the Cult of the Eyeless quest for one of the temples in the Temple District. Keldorn isn't especially involved in that quest, and you can use him in it or not.

Keldorn's Family

For Keldorn's companion quest, you'll need to take him to the Government District. When you arrive, he'll reveal that he has an estate nearby, and he'll invite you to meet his wife and two daughters. You'll find the estate on the western side of the district. If you don't visit his estate within four days, then he'll remind you of his invitation. If you wait three days beyond that, then he'll go to his estate on his own.

Inside the Firecam Estate, Keldorn will receive sort of an awkward welcome from his family, and soon enough you'll discover that Keldorn is never at home, and that his wife Maria has been seeing another man, Sir William of Thorpe. Keldorn won't know what to do about this, but you'll be able to give him some advice, which will come down to two options:
  • You can encourage Keldorn to go to the courts. This will cause him to leave your party. Three days later, he'll show up in the High Hall of the Radiant Heart in the Temple District. When you talk to him there, you'll learn that Maria was imprisoned and that Sir William was hanged. At this point, you'll be able to welcome Keldorn back to your party or not. You won't earn any xp for completing the quest this way.

  • You can encourage Keldorn to confront Sir William in the Mithrest Inn on the eastern side of Waukeen's Promenade. No matter what you say during this meeting, Keldorn will let Sir William go. The quest will then diverge a bit -- Keldorn might leave your party, you might need to wait for three days, you might need to visit the High Hall of the Radiant Heart in the Temple District, or you might need to return to Keldorn's estate in the Government District -- but regardless, when you talk to Keldorn again, he'll let you know that he's worked things out with his wife, and that he'd like to spend more time with his family. You'll be given three ways to respond:

    • You can release Keldorn for good. This will cause him to no longer be available as a companion (until Throne of Bhaal, at least).

    • You can give Keldorn one day off. After waiting for 24 hours, he'll become available as a companion again, and you'll find him in his estate.

    • You can ask Keldorn to stay with you anyway. He will.

    Regardless of your choice, you'll also earn 15,500 xp.