Chapter 6

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When you arrive at the Underdark Exit, you'll be taken to Elhan, the leader of the elves in the area. No matter what you say to him, you'll learn that Irenicus has finally made his way to Suldanessellar, and that somehow he's caused the city to vanish. Elhan will then inform you that an artifact called the Rhynn Lanthorn would allow you to see the city, only it's missing as well. You'll speculate that Bodhi must have stolen it, and Elhan will give you four Wooden Stakes and thee Elven Holy Waters to help you combat her.

When you exit the area, regardless of your destination, you'll run into Drizzt Do'Urden and his companions. If you're polite to them, then they'll agree to help you against Bodhi. Otherwise, you can attack them, and if you manage to win -- no small feat -- then you'll gain some nice loot, including Aegis-Fang +3, Icingdeath +3, Mithral Chain Mail +4, Mithral Field Plate +2, a Ruby Pendant of Beguiling, Tansheron's Bow +3, and Twinkle +3. Just be aware that you'll have to give these items back later, so it's only worthwhile to attack Drizzt if you're looking for a challenge.

Before heading off to face Bodhi, there are a few things you might want to do first:
  • If you took Yoshimo with you to Spellhold -- and discovered that he had a geas on him, forcing him to betray you -- then you'll be able to take Yoshimo's Heart to any Temple of Ilmater. You'll find them in the Slums District and Waukeen's Promenade. The priest in the temple will take the heart from you and purify it, and you'll earn 200,000 xp. "If there is suffering undeserved, this Yoshimo will see relief in his eternal rest."

  • If you visit the Adventurer's Mart in Waukeen's Promenade, then Ribald Barterman will offer to show you his "secret stock" for 50 gp. This stock includes lots of +2 and +3 items, spell scrolls, and potions, plus Crimson Chain +5, Heartseeker +3, Helm of Brilliance, and Warblade +4.

  • If you have the Silver Blade, then the first time you return to Athkatla, you'll be confronted by a githyanki war party led by a wild mage named Kruin. He'll demand the Silver Blade from you. If you hand it over, then that will end the encounter, and you'll avoid a fight. But if you refuse Kruin's demand, then he and his band will attack you, and you'll earn over 30,000 xp for defeating them. You'll find the Silver Hilt on Kruin's corpse, which in combination with the blade will allow Cromwell in the Docks District to craft the Silver Sword for you.

  • Speaking of Cromwell, if you've been thorough about picking up crafting components, then he'll be able to craft several new items for you, including Crom Faeyr +5, The Equalizer, Shortbow of Gesen, and Wave +4.

  • If you're playing an evil character, then you might also be able to visit Fael in Umar Hills and have him craft Human Flesh +5 for you.

  • Finally, you might be able to recruit some more allies. If you worked with the Shadow Thieves in Chapter 3, then when you meet with Aran Linvail inside the Shadow Thief Guildhall in the Docks District, he'll agree to send some assassins to help you out. If you talk to Prelate Wessalen inside the High Hall of the Radiant Heart in the Temple District, then he'll either agree to send you some paladin allies or not depending on your previous actions, your alignment, and your Charisma.

    But note that while having more allies will make the battles against Bodhi and her vampires easier, the extra people will also steal some of your kills and take away some of the xp that you'd earn otherwise (in total, if you kill everything yourself, then you'll earn over 300,000 xp; but with allies, you'll probably only earn about half of that amount). Plus, allies can cause problems if anybody in your party happens to get dire charmed.
When you eventually head to the Graveyard District to deal with Bodhi, she'll meet you at the entrance (#1). She'll insult you a bit and warn you to leave -- and then, if you've completed a romance with one of your (original, non-EE) companions, she'll transform that character into a vampire, which will attack you. Bodhi will also summon a few other vampires to join in the fight, and then she'll retreat to her lair.

You'll earn 8500 xp for each vampire you kill, including your former companion. After the battle, if you killed your companion, then you should pick up all of their equipment, and keep it somewhere safe. After defeating Bodhi in her lair, you'll be able to bring that character back to life (see below).

To enter the Lower Tombs, you'll have to use Bodhi's private entrance in the northern part of the Graveyard District (Exit A). Inside, you'll meet up with any allies you recruited (#2, #4, #5), and you'll encounter lots of vampires, some named and some not. To make the vampire battles easier, you should cleanse the two blood pools in the lair (#4, #7) using the Elven Holy Water that Elhan gave you earlier. To do this, simply interact with the pools while carrying the holy water. Cleansing the pools will reduce the strength of the vampires and prevent Bodhi from regenerating.

To confront Bodhi, you'll need to descend to her inner sanctum (#7). Bodhi will talk to you for a bit when you arrive -- and imply that she and Irenicus are actually elves who have a good reason for attacking Suldanessellar -- and then the fight will be on. You'll have to deal with Bodhi, a few grimwarders and vampires, and the vampire version of your romanced companion (if applicable). With allies and buffs, and with the blood pools cleansed, the battle shouldn't be too bad. You'll earn 91,000 xp for defeating Bodhi.

After winning the battle, your allies (if any) will leave. You won't find anything to loot on the corpses, but if your vampire companion was involved in the fight, then you should pick up their body. You'll need it in order to bring them back. You should also search the other rooms in the sanctum, where you'll find Cutthroat +4 (#9) and the book The Vampiricus Omnibus: Unabridged (#8).

Finally, don't forget to enter the gondola room (#9) and finish off Bodhi. To do this, you'll just need to interact with the gondola while holding a Wooden Stake. If you've somehow run out of Wooden Stakes, then you can find some in Bodhi's lair (#2, #6). When Bodhi dies, you'll automatically pick up Bodhi's Black Heart and the Rhynn Lanthorn, and each character in your party will earn 55,000 xp.

Curing Your Lover

If you had a companion turned into a vampire, then the next thing you should do is get that character cured. To that end, you should read the book The Vampiricus Omnibus: Unabridged. It'll give you some hints about curing vampirism. It'll also mention that the book came from a library belonging to followers of Oghma, and that the Priest of Oghma in the Docks District might be able to help.

Unfortunately, when you talk to the priest, he won't be able to tell you much -- except that the book came from a book dealer in Umar Hills. When you tack down the Book Merchant there (inside the Umar Inn), he'll drone on and on about the book, but if you listen to everything he has to say, then he'll tell you exactly what you'll need to do to cure your companion: travel to the Temple Ruins and place your companion's body and the Black Heart of Bodhi onto the Statue of Amaunator (#10). When you do, your companion will return to you, no worse for the wear.

Note: Talking to the priest and the book merchant is optional. You can head directly to the Temple Ruins if you want.

Reaching Suldanessellar

To reach Suldanessellar, you'll need to return to Elhan at the Underdark Exit and give him the Rhynn Lanthorn. He'll call Bodhi and Irenicus "criminals" and "exiles" -- suddenly knowing much more about them than he did before -- but he won't reveal what they did or why they targeted Suldanessellar.

Then Elhan will use the lanthorn, and he'll lead you to the Forest of Tethir, where he'll find the entrance to Suldanessellar in the trunk of a large tree. This will earn each character in your party 74,500 xp. Entering Suldanessellar will end the chapter.

1 - Bodhi Ambush

2 - Entrance / Paladin Allies

If you need them, you'll find two Wooden Stakes inside the containers here.

3 - Coffin Room

Two of the vampires you defeat will retreat into the coffins here. If you have Wooden Stakes, then you'll be able to finish them off by interacting with the coffins. You'll earn 9000 xp for each vampire you destroy.

4 - Blood Pool / Drizzt and Friends

5 - Meeting Room / Shadow Thief Allies

6 - Blood-Letting Chamber

This chamber is filled with spike traps that can't be disarmed or detected. You'll also encounter several vampiric mists (worth 1000 xp each) in the chamber. For best results, you should keep most of your party in the hallway and try to lure the mists to you. After defeating the mists, when you loot the pool in the center of the chamber, you'll find Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise: Legacy of the Masters, a Voidsword +3 or a Voidhammer +3 (if imported from Siege of Dragonspear), and another Wooden Stake.

7 - Blood Pool / Bodhi Confrontation

8 - Organ Storage Room

Inside this room, you'll find three books about vampirism.

9 - Gondola Room

Inside this room, you'll find Cutthroat +4.

10 - Statue of Amaunator

  1. Entrance to Bodhi's lair.
  2. Stairs.
  3. Entrance to the Temple Ruins.