Suldanessellar (AR2800)

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Built among the treetops hundreds of feet above the forest floor, the Elven city of Suldanesselar is home to the (some claim) immortal Queen Ellesime. Within the city is also rumoured to exist the Tree of Life, likely the source of the Queen's eternal youth. However, it is unlikely any who are not of Elven descent will ever be able to verify these legends. Vigilantly patrolled and hidden high in the treetops of Swanway's Glade, the Elven city is virtually impregnable to all enemies. Despite these formidable defences there have been recent whispers of a Drow plot to bring down the city.

1 - Talisman Puzzle

In the bottom of this building there is a puzzle you must solve to get the Talisman of Rillifane, which is needed to summon the Avatar that will help you open the gates to the palace that Irenicus has sealed off. You can decipher the Elven priest stone upstairs, which will give you hints on solving the riddle, but we have the answers right here for ya. The order in which you push the buttons is as follows: The Rune of Correllan Lotharium, The Symbol of Rillifane, The Symbol of Water, The Rune that Denotes the Tree of Life, and finally The Rune of Suldanessellar.

Check upstairs to find the Elven priest stone and a scroll of Time Stop, which will come in very handy when you face Irenicus.

2 - Demin's Home

Out front of Demin's house you will face a Daemon and a fairly powerful caster named Ramilat. Once they're defeated, head inside to find Demin being attacked by three Raksasha. If Zone of Sweet Air is available to you, you may want to ready it for this area, as it will prove to be very helpful.

After the battle is over, grab the Girdle of Stone Giant Strength off of the Raksasha corpses and then speak to Demin to receive the quest to retrieve the Talisman of Rillifane, the Moonblade, and the Goblet of Life. After retrieving these three items, you will have to take them to area #7 and place them in an altar to summon the elven Avatar.

3 - Stone Harp

The outside of this house is guarded by a large contingent of golems, including Adamantite Golems. It's probably best to prepare with a Haste spell and conjure up a few summon creatures before making your way over to this area.

Once you've battled your way inside, you'll discover the Stone Harp, which is used to gain access to the palace after you are past the gates that Irenicus has sealed off.

4 - Moonblade

Inside this house you witness the final moments of a battle between a Daemon and an elf. They both perish, and on the elf's remains you find the Moonblade.

5 - Stone Horn

The Stone Horn can be obtained inside this building, which is the second piece required to gain access to the elven palace once you're past the gates. You can also snag a Cloak of Elvenkind.

6 - Nizidramanii'yt

You will want to be rested and prepared for battle before going down to the landing field, as you'll be facing off against Nizidramanii'yt, the second (and more powerful) Black Dragon you face in Baldur's Gate II. Nizidramanii'yt casts Miscast Magic and Entangle, whch makes him far more formidable than the other dragons you've faced up to this point. Your party has also grown in strength, though, so you may or may not have an easier time with this dragon than previous ones.

When Nizidramanii'yt has been defeated, he will drop the Goblet of Life, the final piece needed to summon the Avatar. The dragon also drops Bladesinger, a very nice suit of elven chainmail.

7 - Temple of Rillifane

The Temple of Rillifane is infested with baddies. Outside, you'll face five Raksasha, which can do a pretty good job of wearing your party down before the main fight. Inside, you'll be facing off with a Daemon, Raksasha, Adamantite Golem, and a powerful mage with Time Stop and Gate at his disposal.

Once victory is yours, place the three items onto the altar to free the Avatar. As a token of his appreciation, the Avatar awards you with a Staff of the Woodlands +4.

8 - Entrance

This is where you'll first arrive in Suldanessellar.

9 - Palace Entrance

This exit leads into the palace (Elven Palace 1).