Crypts of Durkon (OH7100)

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The Crypts of Durkon are involved in one of Hexxat's companion quests. You'll only be able to travel to them (by tombwalking from the Graveyard District) if you have Hexxat in your party.

Early on in the crypts, you'll encounter Keno and his spirit guard (#2). Keno will tell you that brain-eating invaders from the Underdark are pillaging the crypts, and he'll ask you to help. If you agree, then Keno and his ghostly monks will head over to the Crypt of Scholars and wait for you there. Otherwise, if you decline, then the monks will attack you. All of the monks will use the Quivering Palm ability (which will probably kill you quickly), so fighting them isn't recommended.

Note: If you do decide to attack the spirits in the crypts, then you'll earn a lot of xp. Ghostly monks are worth 10,000 xp, and ghostly priests are worth 22,000 xp.

Inside the Crypt of Scholars (#3), you'll encounter four umber hulks near the entrance and then Goxxa the Alhoon and two mind flayers in the back. The monks will help you with the first battle (making it pretty easy), but for the second battle you'll be on your own. If you have trouble with the second battle, then you can always lure the mind flayers back to the monks, who will make short work of them. You can also use scrolls of Protection from Petrification (found in the sarcophagus near Keno's starting position, #2), which will protect you from the mind flayers' stunning attacks.

After defeating the Underdark creatures, Keno will thank you for your help, and he'll tell you that The Claw of the Black Leopard can be found in the Crypt of Nan Kung Chi (#9). He'll also give you the Key of Scholars, which will get you through a locked door deeper in the crypts (#5).

To enter the Crypt of Nan Kung Chi, you'll need the Key of the Master's Crypt, which is being held by Ki Chin Sang (#7). There are three ways for you to get the key from Sang:
  • You can pickpocket it from him.

  • You can kill him for it. This will earn you 13,000 xp.

  • If you're polite and submissive to Sang, then he'll allow you to prove yourself to him. All you'll have to do is defeat Nan Kung Chi's six lieutenants: Borok-Tosst (fighter), Jiang Dai (fighter), Ming-hua Dai (sorcerer), Weimin Min (cleric), Yi Kwon (monk), and Yi Niu (ranger). To start the fight, you'll need to "attack" one of their sarcophagi (#8). This will cause all six lieutenants to appear. But just like with the greater mummies earlier (#6), if you immediately retreat to the east, then you can break up the fight into multiple parts, making it much easier. And if you fight next to some ghostly priests or monks, then they might help you out.

    You'll earn 35,000 xp for defeating the lieutenants, and you'll find some +1 and +2 equipment on their corpses. And after winning the battle, Sang will walk up to you and give you the Key of the Master's Crypt.
Inside the Crypt of Nan Kung Chi (#9), you'll meet up with Nan Kung Chi (#10), a mummy cleric. No matter what you say to him, he'll attack you, and you'll earn 16,000 xp for defeating him. Chi won't drop anything when he dies, but in the sarcophagus next to him, you'll find The Claw of the Black Leopard. Picking it up will earn you 15,000 xp.

With your mission complete, Hexxat will offer to tombwalk you back to the Graveyard District. If you don't want to leave yet, then you can tell her that, and then manually talk to her again later when you're ready to depart. Depending on what you say to Hexxat, you might learn that she's completing these tasks for L because she thinks he can cure her of vampirism.

1 - Starting Point

This is where you'll start out in the crypts.

2 - Keno

In the sarcophagus here, you'll find two scrolls of Protection from Petrification.

3 - Crypt of Scholars

The door to this crypt will start out locked. If you work with Keno, then he'll open the door for you. Otherwise, you'll need to loot the Key of Scholars from Keno's corpse to get the door open.

4 - Sarcophagus

Inside this sarcophagus, you'll find a Periapt of Life Protection.

5 - Locked Door

You'll need the Key of Scholars (from Keno at #2) to open this door.

6 - Sarcophagi

If you open any of the four sarcophagi here, then five greater mummies (worth 8000 xp each) will spawn nearby and attack you. For an easier time with the battle, you should immediately move to the easternmost sarcophagus. This will allow you to break up the fight into two or three parts. Inside one of the sarcophagi, you'll find The Jade Fang +3.

7 - Ki Chin Sang

8 - Sarcophagi of Chi's Lieutenants

9 - Crypt of Nan Kung Chi

10 - Nan Kung Chi