Slaver Stockade (AR0405)

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1 - Captain Haegan

Inside this room, you'll get attacked by Captain Haegan, plus an assortment of slaver guards, including a priest. Haegan will drop Haegan's Key and Studded Leather Armor +2 when he dies, and two of the guards will drop a Composite Longbow +1 and some Arrows +1. You might need Haegan's Key to unlock the nearby prisons (#2, #3).

Also in the room, you'll find 20 Arrows of Fire in a barrel.

2 - Prison

This prison will start out locked. To open it, you'll need Haegan's Key (from #1), or you'll need to pick the lock.

When you enter the prison, you'll get attacked by a pair of trolls. Any damage you do to them will hurt them, but to kill them permanently, you'll need to hit them with acid or fire damage (from weapons or spells) while they're unconscious. The Arrows of Fire from the previous room (#1) will get the job done if you don't have any other options. You'll earn 2800 xp total for defeating the trolls.

After the battle, if you talk to the girl prisoner, then you'll free her, and you'll earn 3500 xp and 1 point of Reputation. It won't make any difference if you give her 100 gp (aside from a few comments from your companions).

Note: Freeing the girl prisoner here will complete Hendak's quest in the Copper Coronet in the Slums District.

3 - Holding Cells

These holding cells will start out locked. To open them, you'll need Haegan's Key (from #1), or you'll need to pick the locks. Inside the cells, you'll meet a slave girl and a slave boy. Freeing them will earn you 5000 xp total.

4 - Yuan-Ti Room

You'll encounter two yuan-ti in this room. You'll earn 3000 xp for defeating them.

5 - Dining Hall

In this room, you'll encounter a large group of slaver guards, including a pair of wizards. After the battle, you'll find a Cloak of Protection +1, three Potions of Icedust, two Composite Longbows +1, and some Arrows +1 when you loot the corpses. You'll also find a Wand of Fear in a locked and trapped cabinet in the room.

  1. Exit to the Slums Sewers.
  2. Exit to the Slums District.