Wild Forest (OH6000) [EE]

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Note: Be careful while exploring this map. Magic will behave randomly, so you might be better off not casting any spells at all.

1 - Starting Point

The first time you enter the Wild Forest, this is where you'll meet Neera (a chaotic-neutral human wild mage). You'll be able to add her to your party.

2 - Quaid

You'll meet a gnome named Quaid here. He'll tell you -- repeatedly -- that this forest is dangerous, and that you should turn around. Eventually, he'll disappear, and you'll discover that he was an illusion. If you're talking to him when he disappears, then he'll explode, damaging everybody nearby. Inside Quaid's (trapped) cart, you'll find some gems, scrolls, and gold.

3 - Illusionary Ettin

At this spot, you'll witness an illusionary ettin trick a trio of gnolls -- for a few seconds anyway. When the trick fails, the gnolls will attack you.

4 - Speaking Snake

You'll meet a talking snake here. Like Quaid earlier (#2), it'll try to warn you away. If you kill it, then you'll earn 420 xp.

5 - Polymorph Trap

Here you'll encounter another special wild mage trap. If Neera is with you, then she'll explain that it's supposed to polymorph you into a squirrel. It'll do that -- so stay away -- but while you're admiring the trap, two squirrels will wander into it and transform into ogres, and then attack you. You'll earn 1300 xp for defeating them.

6 - Greater Wyvern

Most of the strange creatures you'll encounter in the forest should be easy to defeat, including the greater wyvern and two baby wyverns here. But the wyverns can poison you, and since there's no guarantee healing and poison removing spells will work, being poisoned can go poorly for you. So if you attack these wyverns, make sure you have some Antidotes available. You'll earn 6400 xp for defeating the wyverns.

7 - Destroyed Bridge / Gravel Pit

This bridge (#7) will appear to be destroyed, but it's not. If Neera is with you, then she'll dispel the illusion for you. Otherwise, you'll need to grab a Pile of Gravel from the nearby gravel pit (#7a) and toss it onto the bridge to show that it can still be crossed. Dispelling the illusion on the bridge will earn each character in your party 2000 xp and also unlock the Hidden Refuge on your world map.