Lower Tombs (AR0801, AR0802, AR0803)

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Note: This page represents the Chapter 2-3 version of the Lower Tombs, not what you'll see when you return in Chapter 6.

Another Note: This page also only shows what you'll see in the Lower Tombs if you side with Bodhi. If you choose the Shadow Thieves instead, then the creatures in Bodhi's section of the tombs (#1-4) will attack you on sight.

1 - Locked Door

This door will start out locked. When you try to pick it, you'll learn that there's "a powerful sense of danger" around it, and you'll fail in your attempt. You won't be able to go through this door until Chapter 3.

2 - Bodhi

This is where you'll meet with Bodhi, and where she'll give you three quests to complete. See the Chapter 3 (Bodhi) walkthrough page for more information about those quests.

3 - Blood Pool

If you reach into this blood pool, then you'll find the Mace of Disruption +1, an excellent weapon for fighting the undead (since it can kill such creatures outright). But be careful. The character grabbing the mace might take damage.

4 - Organ Storage Room

Inside the (locked and trapped) chest here, you'll find Ashen Scales +2 and a Katana +2.

5 - Spider Nest

When you approach this nest, you'll get ambushed by a phase spider, a sword spider, and a wraith spider, and you'll earn 4800 xp for killing them. Then inside the nest, you'll meet Pai'Na. She'll welcome you as food for the "divine eight-legged," and then she and the 20 baby spiders around her will attack you.

This shouldn't be a difficult fight. One fireball can take out all of the spiders, allowing you to gang up on and overwhelm Pai'Na. You'll earn 4000 xp when Pai'Na dies, and you'll find a Black Spider Figurine on her corpse. You'll also find a Pale Green Ioun Stone in the lone container in the room.

6 - Undead Ambush

When you reach this point in the chamber, a variety of undead creatures -- ghasts, skeleton warriors, wights, zombies, and even a vampyre -- will exit from the side rooms and attack you. The easiest way to deal with this ambush is to cast Negative Plane Protection on your tank, and then send them out to attract the attention of the creatures, while the rest of your party helps out with ranged attacks. You'll earn 10,000 xp for winning the battle.

7 - Sarcophagus

If you open up the sarcophagus here, then a skeleton warrior will jump out and attack you. You'll earn 4000 xp for defeating it, and you'll find Halcyon +1 on its corpse.

8 - Tomb

This tomb is involved in Edwin's companion quest. You'll find a Dagger +1 and a Wand of Fear inside the containers in the tomb.

9 - Tomb

This tomb is involved in Korgan's companion quest.

  1. Exits to the Graveyard District.
  2. Staircase to the Inner Sanctum.
  3. Passage between Levels 1 and 2.