Elven Palace (AR2804)

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1 - Tree

If you interact with the tree here, then it will drop several nuts for you: four Large Tree of Life Nuts and four Small Tree of Life Nuts. You can consume the large nuts to heal for 55 hp. You'll need the small nuts on the Tree of Life to create branch "bridges" for you to cross.

2 - Statues

When you place the Stone Harp and the Stone Horn (found in Suldanessellar) onto the statues here, the nearby waterfalls will stop flowing, revealing stairs down to the Tree of Life (Exit B). You'll also earn 6000 xp.

  1. Exit to Suldanessellar.
  2. Stairs to the Tree of Life. The first time you try to use these stairs, you'll give each of your companions a chance to leave. So far as we're aware, they'll always stay with you.