Ust'Natha (AR2200)

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1 - Arrival

You'll enter from the Underdark through this passageway.

2 - Ust'Natha Merchant

One of the better merchants in Ust'Natha peddles his goods here. If you have gold to spare, you'll be able to pick up some very useful items, including the Sentinel +4 shield.

3 - Telepathic Fish

At some point while scouring Ust'Natha, you'll be approached by a dwarf that tells you that his master would like to speak to you. After encountering the dwarf, you'll want to pay a visit to this location and speak to the master mentioned in the conversation.

The "master" turns out to be a large fish inside some sort of aquatic tank. It can speak to you via telepathy and will explain that it knows about your real identity, even though your party has a Drow illusion cast upon them. To keep the fish from revealing your identity to the Drow city, it asks that you go to Qilue's home (one of the doors at area #8), kill her, and bring her brain back to the tank. You'll get some fairly good experience for killing Qilue, but other than that you get nothing as a reward.

If you'd rather not kill Qilue and watn to try a different method, you can also refuse to kill her and instead threaten to expose the fish. The fish will decide to back off and won't entertain its previous threats, which will net you 12,000 experience points.

4 - Mission Meeting Area

There is a small pedestal here where you will meet Solaufein and Phaere from time to time for different missions. You won't be able to begin doing the Drow missions, however, until you speak with Solaufein up in the Male Fighter's Society. The Male Fighter's Society is located through one of the doors at area #9.

5 - Creature Merchant

You'll encounter a very strange merchant here that sells a variety of creatures. You can buy yourself one if you're feeling lonely and need some companionship, but there is no real purpose otherwise.

6 - Ust'Natha Tavern

Once you've begun working for Solaufein and Phaere, you'll need to come to this tavern from time to time to confer with them about their different tasks.

In addition, there is also a small arena here that you can enter and battle different creatures for extra experience points. If you're interested, just speak with the Drow near the east stairs of the main tavern room and he'll arrange a fight for you. There is also a Drow just below the stairway leading to the upper levels that will give you the chance to fight Drow opponents instead of monsters. You can earn the Blade of Searing doing this, but only if you're good enough...

7 - Drow Slaver

A bunch of slaves are being held captive here by a Drow slaver. To free the slaves, you must first buy them off the trader, but he won't sell them to you until you've talked to the Matron Mother during the quest for the demon summoning component.

Once you've completed this requirement, You will have two options: pay 1000 gold and get them without equipment or pay 2000 gold to get them with equipment. Then you can tell them they are free to leave. I chose to give them equipment, as they said they'd be more likely to make it out alive that way. This will get you a good experience boost and a point of reputation. Keep in mind that you must do this before the demon summoning ritual is complete, otherwise the slaves will vanish.

8 - Qilue's Home & Female Fighter's Society

Qilue's home and the Female Fighter's Society are both located in this building. Qilue's only importance is for the quest obtained from the fish at area #3, although you may want to consider threatening to expose the fish instead to keep Qilue alive.

The Female Fighter's Society is where you'll meet Phaere during one of the later quests in Ust'Natha. She will ask you to kill Solaufein for her and bring back his Piwafwi Cloak. There is a real good deceptive twist that you can manage here. If you talk to Solaufein and tell him that Phaere has asked you to kill him, he will thank you and give you his Piwafwi Cloak in order to fool Phaere into thinking he is dead.

Phaere will then ask you to swap some fake dragon eggs with the real ones in order to get the Matron Mother killed when she summons the fiend and offers him a tithe (you'll learn that the Drow intend to summon a demon to attack their hated enemy, the elves). If you chose to keep Solaufein alive during the first leg of the quest, he'll approach you after you've swapped the eggs and are going to visit the Matron Mother to watch the ritual. He'll give you some more fake Dragon Eggs so that you can fool Phaere as well. If you switch the eggs correctly, you can actually fool both the Matron Mother and Phaere and they will each be killed by the fiend for offering fake eggs as a tithe.

9 - House of Jae'llat & Male Fighter's Society

The House of Jae'llat and the Male Fighter's Society are both located in this building. The Male Fighter's Society is where you'll first meet up with Solaufein. You'll report to him as new Drow recruits and he'll have you meet him at area #4. When you meet him there, he'll explain that the Matron Mother's daughter, Phaere, has been taken hostage by the Mind Flayers in the Underdark.

You'll be sent to the entrance of the Mind Flayer Dungeon to retrieve her. Along the way, you'll be ambushed by a party of thugs. The battle is fairly difficult, but you end up with some pretty decent loot during the scuffle, such as the Dragon's Breath +4 halberd. Once you arrive at the entrance to the Mind Flayer Dungeon, you'll be faced with a few Mind Flayers to dispatch of. Take them out to rescue Phaere (and earn 20,000 experience points), then return to Ust'Natha to meet up with Solaufein and Phaere together.

10 - Deirex the Lich

This is the tower of Deirex the Lich. Entering it is difficult, as the doors have wards on them to keep anyone from entering. At some point while wandering Ust'Natha, you'll meet up with a thief that claims to have stolen a magical rope that will allow you into this tower. Take the rope and enter the tower. Deirex will attack you for intruding into his tower, but you can grab some good loot after the battle concludes, including a Crossbow of Affliction +4.

When you grab a particular piece of loot, you'll be transported to a room where you'll meet Jarlaxle, the thief that set you up to kill Deirex for him. Even though this will tend to anger you, he does explain that you have the means to enter the House of Jae'llat now (area #9). Once the conversation is over, Jarlaxle will transport you back to Ust'Natha. Feel free to raid the House of Jae'llat at this point if you'd like, but be prepared for a fight.

11 - Key Battles

This area is the battleground for a couple of different battles. When you first meet up with Phaere at area #6, she will request that you accompany her and Solaufein here to kill a Beholder. Destroying the eye tyrant will gain you further recognition among the Drow and earn you a nice 20,000 experience bonus. Additionally, one of the Drow from the Female Fighter's Society (area #8) will send you here to kill off some adversaries for her.

12 - Temple of Lolth

Your first trip to the Temple of Lolth will be after you have either killed Solaufein or let him live. Phaere will introduce you to the Matron Mother, who will ask you to fetch one of three items for her in order to summon a fiend. You'll need to get either the blood of the Kuo-Toa prince, an eyestalk from an Elder Orb, or the Brain of an Illithid.

After accepting this mission, Phaere will then request that you meet her at the Female Fighter's Society. She will reveal to you a plan to fool the Matron Mother. She gives you some fake dragon eggs to swap with the real ones. That way, the Matron Mother will give the demon the wrong eggs as a tithe and be destroyed.

Leave the Female Fighter's Society and head back to the temple. At this point, if you let Solaufein live earlier, he will materialize in front of you and offer some additional fake eggs to you in order to fool Phaere as well as the Matron Mother. Head inside the temple, swap the real eggs with the fake eggs from Phaere, then head back to the Female Fighter's Society. Give Phaere the fake eggs Solaufein gave you (confusing, isn't it?), and then head to the temple to watch the fireworks (make sure you have one of the items the Matron Mother requested).

Once the ritual commences and the demon is summoned, both the Matron Mother and Phaere will be killed for offering fake eggs. You can either remain silent at this point or hand the real eggs to the demon. If you remain silent, you can give the eggs back to Adalon the Silver Dragon. If you choose to give the eggs to the demon, he will give you the Blackmist +3 halberd, but keep in mind that this will seriously anger the Silver Dragon Adalon.

If you want to avoid all of this and make quick work of the entire city, or your illusion was revealed by the Drow and you've come under attack, you can actually force your way into the Temple of Lolth and battle all of the guardians between the door and the Dragon Egg room. Kill all of the Golems that guard the eggs, then grab Adalon's eggs and move as quick as you can out of Ust'Natha to return them to the Silver Dragon. It's a much more brutal approach and you won't gain the experience from any missed side quests, but it'll get your party through the Ust'Natha location quickly.