Pit of the Faithless (AR0205)

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1 - Minor Treasure Mounds

You'll discover treasure mounds at these two locations, but you won't find anything noteworthy inside.

2 - Beholders

At this spot, you'll encounter one beholder (worth 14,000 xp) and three gauths (worth 9000 xp each). Plus, the beholder from the treasure mound to the south (worth 9000 xp) might join in as well.

This can be a rough fight. If you have trouble, remember that casters with Polymorph Self can transform themselves into mustard jellies with 100% magic resistance, which means the beholders won't be able to damage them, and so you can use them to tank while the rest of your party uses ranged attacks. You can also put the Shield of Balduran to good use here. Failing that, casting Chaos at the beholders without them seeing you and then sending summoned creatures to attack them while they're fighting each other can at least wear them down a bit before you attack them yourself.

3 - Blind Priests

You'll encounter a group of six blind priests here. You'll earn 28,000 xp for defeating them. If you have trouble with the battle, then just memorize a Fireball spell (or two) and hit them with that while they're standing around waiting for you.

4 - Treasure Mound

Inside the treasure mound here, you'll find the halberd Dragon's Bane +3.

5 - Treasure Mound

Inside the treasure mound here, you'll find the second Rift Device Part. When you pick it up, it'll automatically combine with the first Rift Device Part (from the Lower Reaches) to form the Rift Device, a usable item with one charge. This will earn you 26,250 xp.

However, when you leave the mound, you'll run into the Unseeing Eye, a powerful beholder. It'll buff itself up with protective spells, making it difficult to damage, and then it'll start attacking you. If you have good ways to dispel magic (like with Carsomyr +5), then you can probably just go toe-to-toe with the beholder and kill it. Otherwise -- or maybe regardless -- you should use the Rift Device on it, since the Rift Device will remove its buffs and deal a lot of damage.

When the Unseeing Eye dies, you'll earn 30,000 xp, and you'll find a Amulet of 5% Magic Resistance on its corpse.

  1. Passage to Ghoul Town.
  2. Staircase up to the Cult Compound.